Simplify EDI Challenges and Uncover Deeper Insights

Leading enterprises use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations to automate businesses and electronically communicate purchase orders, invoices, shipping notifications, etc. This exchange of business documents between business partners using mutually comprehensible and standard format helps reduce cost, increase processing speed, reduce errors, and provide greater flexibility, efficiency, supply change visibility, and business agility. However, traditional EDI solutions were built using legacy technologies and did not solve the Digital Revolution’s problems.

With MuleSoft’s Low-code B2B/EDI offerings like Anypoint Partner Manager and EDI compliant connectors like X12, AS2, etc., Businesses can seamlessly exchange EDI transactions with their trading partners, overcome integration challenges and partner onboarding bottlenecks.

Royal Cyber’s B2B monitoring and analytics solution Monitor Pro B2B can provide better visibility of the supply chain and easily track and manage failed orders.

Join us this webinar and gain insights on:

Significance of B2B integration platforms in a period of Supply change disruptions
Overview of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager & EDI connectors.
Live Demo showcasing business transactions with a Partner using multiple channels
Tracking and Analytics provided by MuleSoft and Monitor Pro
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