Many organizations are evolving to consider the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Even though there are technical and security challenges, organizations are seeing a shift in modernizing their legacy applications. IBM Cloud Private (ICP) that is built on the open source container orchestrator, Kubernetes, offers customers a way to adopt cloud at their own pace and in their preferred location.

IBM Cloud Private delivers on the abilities of public cloud PaaS, without the need of specific runtime location. Paybacks which includes from automatically provisioned network appliances, to balancing workloads across servers, self-healing elastic runtimes, and off-the-shelf deployable PaaS services while keeping a small attack surface, portable to one on a private data center or the public cloud, or both.

Discussion Topics:

IBM Cloud Private Technology overview
Deploying ICP in private, public, hybrid or multi cloud
Embark on ICP full cloud migration
Migrating existing monolithic application to IBM Cloud Private
Best practices for building microservices and deploying them to ICP
IBM Cloud Private in action
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