This video explores GitHub Copilot’s lesser-known features that can boost your development workflow.
Beyond code completion:
While code suggestions are popular, Copilot offers more!
  • Terminal Commands: Get help with shell commands (bash, zsh) and Git commands. Copilot can suggest commands and explain their use.
  • Automatic Commit Messages: Struggling with commit messages? Copilot analyzes your code changes and proposes a message.
  • GitHub Copilot Chat: Ask questions directly within your codebase!
    • Terminal Workspace: Get help with terminal commands specific to your project.
    • VS Code Integration: Ask Copilot about VS Code settings and tasks.
Unveiling the coolest features:
  • Knowledge Transfer: New to a project? Copilot helps you navigate the codebase by answering questions like “Where is X defined?”.
  • VS Code Terminal Commands: No more Googling! Ask Copilot how to adjust #VSCode settings directly.
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