Modernize It Infrastructure with ServiceNow To Eliminate Silos

Introduction: The client is a for-profit American health insurance company with over 20 million members. The company is the third-largest health insurance company in the US.

Challenges: The client had multiple systems that required different tools to complete simple IT tasks. There was no centralized system to maintain the details of the applications and their relationships. They struggled to get complete visibility of the infrastructure and they had difficulty determining the affected area of an outage.

Solution: We leveraged ServiceNow to manage the infrastructure and IT services of the client. The solution helped the client automate 70% of the processes and workflows and reduce the time spend on the incident resolution by 60% and maintenance efforts by 94%. We also used the ServiceNow platform’s Discovery feature, which helped the client restore the services faster, proactively resolve problems, and make better-informed decisions.

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