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About the Client

The client is a Fortune 500 leading distributor of healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals company. By creating an intelligence hub, the client aims to streamline access to data and services across business silos while meeting federal data access regulations. With Royal Cyber’s experts and Apigee Edge, the client was able to build a centralized ‘intelligent’ platform that allowed multiple stakeholders access to previously fragmented data.

Business Challenges

Create a single platform for data access while staying compliant with federal regulations
Enable transformation of the healthcare reimbursement system
Expose reimbursement documentation via APIs
Enhance partner and service interoperability for better decision-support tools

Business Solution

Positioned Apigee Edge as the means of creating a platform that met federal data access requirements
Provide a platform that exposes data and services via APIs and apps
With business team APIs allow data and services to be segmented, managed, and consumed by customers and internal app developers
Increased standardization and uniformity to improve business strategy

Key Outcomes


Compliance with Federal Data Access Regulations


Developer Enablement Cycles


Of Installation


Data Management and Analytics

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