About the Client

The client is a US government-sponsored financial enterprise that sets itself apart from the housing finance industry by being the US homeowners’ leading source of information and assistance for mortgage financing and reliable housing for single and multi-families. The client’s services cater to both lenders and consumers within the housing finance industry. With our AWS team, they sought to reduce the time and effort of File Exchange Gateway onboarding through automation and direct integration with AWS cloud implementation.

Business Challenges

Poor platform visibility leading to high inaccuracy in data entry, data loss, and overall performance downturn.
Difficulty with onboarding new customers and keeping track of transaction events in the Business or Operations process.
Personal information was being exposed to in-house businesses and solutions leading to compromised data privacy.
The client’s data management system had difficulty building and regulating ETL data pipelines.

Business Solution

Automated the AWS File Exchange Gateway onboarding tasks for our client’s applications and external customers.
Enabled a self-serve, agile, and streamlined approach for orchestrating client’s external customer interactions
Defined and implemented AWS target state architecture to enable file transfers using different inbound and outbound protocols.
Built a fully compliant, highly scalable, secure, and reliable platform.

Key Outcomes


Decrease in Redundant Workforce


Decrease in Data Loss


Increase in ROI


Decrease in Incorrect Data Entries

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