About the Client

The client is a healthcare firm providing expert staffing and innovative talent solutions to help its more than 10,000 clients reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes. To enable data-driven insights for its internal users and clients, the company ingests and analyses large volumes of operational data on a daily basis.

Business Challenges

SQL Server–based solution struggled to deliver adequate performance to end users.
Performance tuning was required for reports and extracts.
Data pipeline challenges led the company to spend a huge amount per month on a center of excellence that troubleshot failed jobs and patched software
Disparate data silos existed with no single source of truth.
Separate storage and processing were required for semi-structured data, i.e., JSON, XML

Business Solution

Royal Cyber suggested shifting from the conventional, on-premises data warehouse solution to a multi-cluster shared data architecture that could:

Scale instantly to eliminate resource contention.
Process data workloads in a few minutes that previously took hours to complete
Simplify the data warehouse administration and free up resources for more important initiatives, such as democratizing data analytics for the front-line staff

Key Outcomes

Data pipeline success rate jumped to 70%
Query execution time was reduced by almost 75%
93% cost reduction by getting rid of the after-hours support team and the third-party tool licensing fee
70% increase in efficiency as same storage solution was used for both structured and semi-structured data
Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared data architecture with per-second pricing increased transparency for managing costs

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