Azure Generative AI on your Business
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Measuring the Impact of

Azure Generative AI on your Business

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Reshaping Industries and Amplifying Human Capabilities

Join us for an immersive exploration into the revolutionary world of Generative AI within the Azure Ecosystem. Our event is set to unravel the endless possibilities that arise when AI and Azure technologies converge. Get ready to dive deep into cutting-edge applications and witness AI’s transformative potential firsthand.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the synergy of Generative AI and Azure technologies. Secure your spot for an enlightening session that promises to reshape your perspective on what’s possible.

The first 25 attendees stand a chance to win the book.

ChatGPT APIs Book
Azure Generative AI
Opening and Introduction

  • Welcoming Guests and introducing speakers
  • Discussing why businesses need generative AI to improve their daily operations

Deploying Generative AI Apps within Enterprises

  • Building AI Apps with RAG
  • Building AI Apps with Microsoft Co-Pilot

1st Use Case: Post Call Analytics Copilot

  • Revolutionizing post-call analytics by seamlessly integrating Azure Speech and Azure OpenAI
  • Transcribing user-uploaded calls and generate intelligent summaries for a streamlined process
  • Enhancing insights by engaging in dynamic Q&A sessions with Azure OpenAI

2nd Use Case: Underwriting & Claim Processing Copilot

  • Elevating decision-making for underwriters with Azure Document Intelligence and Azure OpenAI
  • Empowering underwriters with automatic summaries of applications and policy documents
  • Providing a trusted ally to claims examiners using Copilot to streamline filing evaluations

3rd Use Case: Travel Co-pilot

  • Unleashing Co-pilot's capabilities as Azure Vision and OpenAI to eliminate language barriers
  • Decoding foreign text and interpret images in real-time for seamless navigation
  • Enjoying the freedom to ask questions and effortlessly navigate traveling complexities

Closing and Networking

  • Networking with speakers, industry experts and peers


Mustafa Pesh​

Digital Transformation Principal
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Hassan Sherwani

Dr. Hassan Sherwani

Head of Data Analytics & Data Science
at Royal Cyber Inc.

2nd floor, Unit 202, 2020 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, Ontario L6H 6X7, Canada

Measuring the Impact of Azure Generative AI on your Business