How to Cut Cost with Test Automation

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ROI of Codeless Test Automation

Did you know that Codeless automation is expected to become one of the biggest automation testing trends of the future? Data shows that only 30% of end-to-end tests will be automated in 2022.

Is your organization new to test automation? Or does your organization have test automation but aren’t completely satisfied with its results?

Codeless test automation is new to the market. The range of offerings is extensive, and not all tools are equal in terms of their features. Nevertheless, it’s important to know what to look for and how software leaders are now achieving extraordinary results using the right tools in their company.

Codeless Automated Testing – Everything you need to know
  • Match the pace of the development cycle
  • Lower maintenance and scale automation
  • Free up resources for better testing and lower costs
  • Extend the scope of automation
  • Improve adoption with a shared automation solution
  • Easily document processes and changes
  • Integrate with CI tools
  • A larger scope for automation

During this In-Person event, we will discuss the factors preventing many organizations from reaching 100% test coverage. Several enterprises have all their resources completely swamped with maintenance, and the test engineer’s time is consumed to maintain the tests.

Let’s get you started on your Codeless Test Automation Journey. Join us as we discuss the latest no-code tool market trends provide. Learn how the latest technology can shift and help you easily reach your desired automation coverage.

Expert Speaker


Mustafa Pesh

CEO at Royal Cyber Inc.
Faaz Malik Iqba

Faaz Malik Iqbal

Client Engagement Manager at Royal Cyber Inc.


3:30 pm


3:40 pm

Testing and Test Automation – What Is It?

3:55 pm

What is No-Code Test Automation & How it Works?

4:20 pm

How to use it to Improve your ROI with Automation

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Question & Answer Session

5:00 pm

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How to Cut Cost with Test Automation

Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Olaya Building 8951, Saudi Arabia 11454