Using ChatGPT, GPT-4, & Large Language Models In the Enterprise

1871 The Merchandise Mart Plaza, Floor 12, Suite 1212, Chicago, IL

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Integrating ChatGPT into Enterprise Apps

Throughout the event, we will explore various topics and strategies for leveraging large language models to unlock the true potential of your enterprise data. Whether you are a data scientist, a business analyst, or an executive seeking to harness the power of generative AI, this event will provide the practical knowledge you need to get started.

During this event, you will learn:
  • What are Large Language Models/Generative AIs
  • Introducing LangChain and its benefits
  • Exploring use cases for Generative AI applications with LangChain
  • Hands-on demonstration: Building an AI application with LangChain
  • Q&A session to address your questions and concerns
Mustafa Peshawarwala

Mustafa Pesh

Digital Transformation Principal
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Sarmad Afzal

Data Scientist
at Royal Cyber Inc.

Live demo and Workshop

  • Plug in a documentation of a certain package.
  • Vector database: Querying with LLM, the questions about the documentation.
  • Retrieve the Question Answer chain: To take prompts and embed into the vector
  • Similarity search
  • LLM Memory
  • StreamIit: The front end and the User Interface to interact with the application
1871 The Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

Using ChatGPT, GPT-4, & Large Language Models In the Enterprise