HCL Commerce V9.1 Launched!

Exceptional User Experience

World Class Experience

The flexibility to create the experience you want with the agility you need

  • Ensure world-class customer experience with SPAs & PWAs without involving IT, using embedded CMS
  • Next Gen Storefront (React Store) Emerald for B2C and Sapphire for B2B that would help to get to market quicker and easier

  • Headless Commerce by leveraging the fully Restful API driven stack ensuring superior, multi-device performance

Intelligent Search Engine

Optimized Merchendising

Improve the customer buying experience and boost conversations for your business

  • Elastic Search to make sure your customers find the most relevant search results

  • CoreNatural Language Processing (NLP) for effective and easier search
  • Improve margins by merchandising specific product, size and color (3-tier)

CoreNLP & OpenNLP Comparison

HCL Commerce V9.1 Table
Browse, select and CRUD content from Commerce Management Center
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  • eSpots/Content Spots
  • Attachments/Assets
  • Catalog
Unified Commerce and Digital Experience provisioning in Kubernetes
Preview storefront content from Commerce Management Center
Data Silos
Maximizes ROI from rich media assets with centralized management and search
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Provides support for images, documents and videos ar production scale
Empowers practitioners to optimize experiences with rendition and editing support
Data Syndication
Performance – HCL Cache with Redis
Provides an integrated caching solution that supports local and remote caching
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Allows for larger cache sizes as the cache is remote and pods scale easily while not increasing shared resources
Integrates with Microsoft/Prometheus for real time performance monitoring
Data Load – Multiple Thread Support
Improve the data load performance by supporting multiple threads to load data
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Make data load framework thread secure, so that multiple data processes can be run inside one JVM

The HCL Commerce V9.1.x


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