Gain Visibility for Efficient Claims Processing with RPA-Driven Workflows

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

for the Auto Insurance Industry

At the core the business of insurance is related to Claims Processing. The claims environment is extremely reliant on process speed and accuracy to meet customer demands.

RPA for the Auto Insurance Industry


Manual inputs
Disparate input media
Legacy applicationas
Data retrieval
Regulation & Compliance

Here is a sample workflow for Auto Insurance Claim Process

The Customer Representative launches a process in IBM Process Portal to start a new auto insurance claim.
The Customer Representative enters the phone number of the insurer and the details of the claim.
IBM Business Automation Workflow sends the task bot a request to collect the required data.
The Customer Representative then decides whether to approve or reject the claim based on the collected data.
The Customer Representative clicks the Collect info button.
The task bot populates the fields on the insurance claim coach.
The task bot looks up the insurer and get the insurer’s details from a SAP Master Record application (via SOAP) on the desktop.
The task bot opens a website to lookup the details of the car based off the claimed and insured Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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