Ready to Use Cookbook Recipies
For Infrastructure Automation

73% of companies still use manual scripts for at least half of their
infrastructure automation changes.

Using configuration management tools such as Chef, we can create a scalable infrastructure with minimal configuration to maintain.

Royal Cyber has created Chef cookbooks to automate the installation and configuration of various products like BPM, ODM, Commerce, and Portal. Using these reusable cookbook assets you can create new servers and environments (that scale quickly) from scratch in a matter of minutes versus days.

Using our Chef cookbooks, customers have been able to cut down the time required to bring up a new environment from 4 -5 days to 2-3 hours for BPM, ODM, and various other WebSphere products.
Learn more about our pre-built Chef recipes, that can help discover new ideas, from creating surprising new recipes to reusing and reducing the workflow time.

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