NoSQL Data Models to
Reduce Operational Complexity

Many of today’s online applications have database requirements that exceed the capabilities of legacy relational databases. The need for very low latency, the knack to write and read data anywhere, and reducing software and operational costs, all have given birth to the non-relational database category.

Apache Cassandra is a free and open source distributed, scalable database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across with no single point failure.

Cassandra Features and Benefits:

Massively scalable architecture

Active everywhere design

Linear scale performance

Continuous availability

Transparent fault detection & recovery

Flexible and dynamic data model

Strong data protection

Tunable data consistency

Multi-data center replication

Data compression

Download a quick comparison table of RDBMS and a NoSQL database like Cassandra.

Moving data from an RDBMS or other database to Cassandra is fairly easy depending on the state of the existing data. As a managed service provider, Royal Cyber distinguishes the benefits of taking a methodical approach to product development. We support each lifecycle stage that your application will pass through. We can plan your operational & development considerations to move your data to Cassandra.

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