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Datapower Monitoring Tool

IBM Datapower Provides security, control and integrated access to API, SOA and cloud workloads.


Datapower monitoring tool provides a variety of information regarding over-all system health as well as consumption of services & resources. Sample monitoring parameters include CPU, memory and file system consumptions.

Most Common Datapower Issues

Configuration changes
Misconfigured service policies
Transaction latency issues
High CPU usage
Memory growth
High load
File system space issues
Network connectivity issues
Unexpected restart
  • Check log for error messages
  • Audits logs for configuration changes
  • Checks appliance statistics and status
  • CPU usage
  • File system space
  • Failure notifications
  • Log for latency messages

Royal Cyber’s Datapower Assessment Covers:

Sizing and capacity of datapower

List of errors in each datapower

Identify performance issues

High stylesheet execution times

Memory leaks

IBM best practices

Things that you are doing wrong in datapower

Recommendations based on your environment

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