DevOps for Middleware

DevOps For Middleware

DevOps integration targets product delivery, quality testing, feature development, and maintenance releases to improve reliability, security, faster development, and deployment cycles.

DevOps Lifecycle

Royal Cyber presents DevOps solution that can be plugged in and executed in a matter of hours, to bring about real change in IT infrastructure. Based on IBM’s middleware platform, i.e., IBM Integration Bus and Data power, the DevOps solution helps organizations utilize resources, automate process vulnerable to errors, reduce the timeline to roll out the software, and minimizes the cost associated with the project.

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DevOps for IIB and MQ: Solution
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Installation and Configuration (on premises and cloud)

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Migration to Cloud

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Build IIB bar file

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Unit Testing and Static Code Analysis

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Development to different Nodes and Integration Servers with Property file

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Release Artifacts Management

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Automated Test Suite execution

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Automated Defects logging
and assignment

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Automated repetitive IIB / MQ Admin tasks

Royal Cyber’s DevOps solution is designed to get applications to customers as quickly as possible, using application deployment, release management solutions, and automated unit & integration testing. Following tasks are seamlessly carried out through Royal Cyber’s DevOps approach:

Build and deploy Bar file to DEV, QA, UAT and PROD
Migrate to cloud or on premise without replicating effort
Unit testing and statistical code analysis
Manage administrative tasks and setting up connections to heterogeneous environment
Automatic logging of defect and placing an assignee
DevOps Approach
Benefits of Royal Cyber’s DevOps Solution

Royal Cyber’s solution helps organizations in countless ways, such as:

Allowing developers to deploy code and know the defects associated with code in matter of minutes, while maintaining the software cycle
Carries out unit, integration, and performance testing on code for multiple applications waiting for the QA’s availability.
Deploys code automatically and avoids mistakes, such as deploying QA application to PROD.
Tremendously increases ROI with regards to time and cost.

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Royal Cyber’s DevOps Services include the following:
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Training & Enablement
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Managed Services