Automated Migration to AWS with
Terraform and Ansible

Imagine migrating your entire infrastructure with automation in less than a day.
Yes… in one day!

Migrating on Premise AEM to AWS
with Terraform and Ansible

We have ready to deploy automated scripts to migrate AEM located on-premise to AWS cloud environment using automation tools.

Which, implemented manually would take up to a month (based on the infrastructure Dev, QA, UAT/Stage, Model, Prod and disaster) can be done in a day through automation.

Struggling with a Complex Migration at Hand?

Do these Challenges Sound Familiar?

Draining resources

Increasing budgetary scrutiny

Time consuming / Cost/ Skills

Susceptible to manual errors

Unaware of migration through automation

We got you covered. Why not close this gap with automated migration?

What’s Covered with Automated Migration?

Ideal for larger environment

Slam dunk for saving time

Resources freed up for other projects

Mitigate risks by reducing errors

Greater cost-savings potential

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We have had the pleasure of serving diverse clients across the globe in implementing / integrating Adobe Experience Manager Projects.

Learn more about our process of deploying AEM on AWS.

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Automated Migration to AWS with Terraform and Ansible