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AI SearchSpring

A search bar that’s truly taking advantage of the next-generation AI technology will better understand search queries and will return far superior results. AI search engines return only the products that the shopper wants, rather than a mixture of products that are relevant or irrelevant to the shopper’s search.

SearchSpring offers powerful behavioral tracking on customers called IntelliSuggest that automatically elevates high-engagement products and unlocks in-depth & actionable insight data for your store.

Automated Product Elevations

IntelliSuggest Elevations use customer engagement data and updates on a daily basis. It intelligently pushes products to the top of the results.

Product Insights

Get visibility into product performance, how shoppers interact with your products, and suggested action steps to optimize performance further.

Product Recommendations

IntelliSuggest (AI) of SearchSpring shows recommended products based on the items added in the cart by the customer.

Visual Merchandising

The merchandising tool provides merchants with the ability to customize how specific search pages look and behave..

The Dashboard

A high-level overview of our site’s connectivity status, and reports that provide visualizations & breakdowns of our site’s search performance.

Case Study – Apparel

Relevant & Personalized Search Results

SearchSpring helped the client to increase 13% sales in one month, a 10% reduction in call center volumes after three months and a 15% boost in the conversion rate after three months.

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