Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business with Royal Cyber’s Salesforce Solution

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business with Royal Cyber's Salesforce Solution

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business with Royal Cyber's Salesforce Solution

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business with Royal Cyber's Salesforce Solution
Samson Peter

Director of Technology – Salesforce CRM

November 3, 2023

In the fast-paced world of real estate, tailored solutions are paramount. Companies grapple with diverse challenges, necessitating bespoke CRM solutions. This blog explores how Royal Cyber, leverages Salesforce CRM to craft personalized solutions for real estate enterprises.
Royal Cyber has adeptly engineered a Salesforce CRM-based solution finely attuned to the unique requisites of real estate firms. This comprehensive solution encompasses pivotal components:
  • User-Centric Portal: A seamless, user-friendly portal acts as a bridge, fostering effortless interactions between sellers and buyers. This platform facilitates information exchange and navigation, ensuring intuitive and accessible property transactions.
  • Advanced CRM System: At its core lies an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, purpose-built for real estate. This system excels at capturing and managing prospects interested in property transactions.
This unified system seamlessly amalgamates and enhances various critical processes, augmenting the operational efficiency of real estate companies. Let’s delve into these key processes:

Lead Capture

Effortlessly gather leads from diverse sources, leaving no opportunity overlooked. Leads are systematically organized, simplifying connection and management for real estate professionals.

Lead Conversion

Equipped with tools and workflows, the system facilitates the transformation of leads into paying customers. Agents employ a structured approach, nurturing leads through personalized interactions and follow-ups.

Comprehensive Customer Documentation

The system meticulously handles customer documents, ensuring all necessary paperwork is collected and verified. This simplifies compliance with regulations, minimizing the chances of errors or omissions.

Efficient Quote and Agreement Generation

The solution swiftly and accurately generates quotes and agreement documents. Customizable templates and automation tools streamline the process, infusing professionalism and expediting transactions.

Automated Installments

Simplify the complexities of handling payments and installments in real estate. The system automates installment generation, ensuring a systematic and consistent financial process.

Streamlined Move-In and Move-Out Procedures

Our solution provides a well-defined workflow for managing move-in and move-out processes. This structured approach minimizes confusion, ensuring a seamless transition for all stakeholders involved, encompassing checklists, inspections, and efficient documentation processes.

Seamless Payment and Receipt Management

The system seamlessly records and tracks financial transactions. Payments and receipts are systematically captured, offering transparent and organized financial records. This functionality facilitates auditing and reporting, ensuring precision and clarity in financial management.
The professional website portal caters to both sellers and buyers, enabling them to seamlessly engage in their respective activities with ease. This platform serves as a hub for all your buying and selling needs, providing a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Seller Process:

  • Property Submission: Sellers provide property details and upload photos via our portal.
  • Review and Logging: Information is carefully reviewed and stored in Salesforce for evaluation.
  • Approval: Our experts assess the listing, ensuring quality and compliance.
  • Listing Activation: Upon approval, the property is showcased in our portal’s listings for potential buyers or renters.

Buyer Process:

  • Expression of Interest: By clicking the “Get in Touch” button, buyers access a form for expressing their interest, creating a lead in Salesforce CRM.
  • Property Selection: Within the lead record, a user can filter and select properties to associate them with the lead.
  • Lead Conversion: The lead is converted into an Account and Opportunity in CRM, where sales representatives gather required customer documents.
  • Quotation and Agreement: When the Opportunity reaches the “Proposal/Price Quote” stage, a quotation document is generated and sent to the customer. Selecting “Agreement Generated” status generates an agreement document and a related Move In/Handover record.
  • Move-In Checklist: A dedicated professional performs a comprehensive move-in checklist and marks the status as complete within the Move In/Handover record.
  • Installment Management: The “Generate Installments” feature allows for the creation of payment installments. Payment links with associated installment details are sent to the customer’s registered email address.
  • Moveout Process: Before a tenant leaves the property, a structured Moveout process is conducted to assess and ensure the property’s condition for the next tenant, maintaining its quality and appeal.


In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, maintaining an edge is paramount. Royal Cyber’s Salesforce solution empowers real estate companies with the technological advantage they need to thrive. Embracing this innovative solution promises enhanced efficiency, superior customer experiences, and a distinct edge in the real estate marketplace. Elevate your real estate business with Royal Cyber’s Salesforce Real Estate Solution.

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