Scheduling ODS Instances on Multiple Time Zones using Royal Cyber’s ODS Management Portal

Scheduling ODS Instances on Multiple Time Zones using Royal Cyber's ODS Management Portal

Scheduling ODS Instances on Multiple Time Zones using Royal Cyber's ODS Management Portal

Salesforce Efficiency with On-Demand Sandbox Scheduling Features

Lala Asif Allana

Director of Technology – Salesforce

February 6, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Salesforce development, staying ahead requires efficient tools and methodologies. Royal Cyber’s On-Demand Sandbox (ODS) Phase-II introduces a groundbreaking feature i.e. “Customize & Time Zone-based scheduling” of Salesforce B2C Commerce ODS instances sandboxes based on different geo-locations of the users at the realm level. This blog delves into the robust capabilities of scheduling individual and multiple sandboxes, job scheduling, and comprehensive sandbox scheduling details available in the dashboard.

Scheduling Made Seamless: A Look at ODS Phase-II Features

Schedule Individual Sandboxes:

The addition of a “Schedule Sandbox” option in the action dropdown list empowers users to custom schedule (start & stop) their desired sandbox ODS instances for a specific time zone. Upon selection, a modal popup facilitates the choice of time zone, start time, and stop time, ensuring precision in sandbox activation.

Schedule Individual Sandboxes

Schedule Multiple Sandboxes:

Efficiency reaches new heights with the ability to schedule multiple sandboxes simultaneously for a specific time zone. Accessible directly from the dashboard, the “Schedule Multiple Sandboxes” feature streamlines the process. The modal popup mirrors the options for individual sandbox scheduling while introducing the added functionality of selecting multiple sandboxes for a cohesive deployment strategy.

Schedule Multiple Sandboxes

Job Schedule for Admin Users:

Empowering admin users, the introduction of Job Schedule in the sidebar menu allows strategic execution of scheduled jobs. The job schedule initiates a script, checking the operational time range for scheduled sandboxes based on their time zone, start, and stop time. The modal popup associated with this feature presents options for time zone selection, start date, execution times, and customizable execution days.

Navigating ODS Phase-II Sandbox Scheduling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Schedule Individual Sandboxes:

To schedule an individual sandbox, simply select the “Schedule” option from the action dropdown list. The ensuing modal popup provides a user-friendly interface to choose the time zone, start time, and stop time for the specific sandbox.

Schedule Multiple Sandboxes:

For a coordinated approach to sandbox scheduling, leverage the “Schedule Multiple Sandboxes” option on the dashboard. The modal popup aligns with individual sandbox scheduling, but with an added capability to select and schedule multiple sandboxes concurrently.

Job Schedule for Strategic Execution:

Administrators can strategically plan and execute jobs by accessing the Job Schedule option in the sidebar menu. The modal popup enables the configuration of time zone, start date, execution times, and specific execution days. This feature ensures optimal resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Dashboard Insights: Unveiling Sandbox Scheduling Details

Effortlessly monitor and manage scheduled sandboxes with detailed insights available in the dashboard. This includes crucial information such as time zone, start time, stop time, and identification of the user responsible for scheduling a particular sandbox. This transparency enhances collaboration and accountability within the development team.

Sandbox Scheduling Details


Royal Cyber not only introduces cutting-edge features with ODS Phase-II Sandbox Scheduling but also stands as a strategic partner for businesses aiming to harness the full potential of this solution. Our seasoned experts understand the intricate demands of Salesforce development and provide tailored guidance to seamlessly implement these groundbreaking features.
By choosing Royal Cyber, businesses can unlock the true power of scheduled sandbox deployment, optimizing their development workflow, reducing errors, and accelerating time-to-market. With our comprehensive support, clients can leverage the advanced capabilities of ODS Phase-II to stay agile, adapt swiftly to market changes, and ensure their Salesforce environments are finely tuned for success.


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