All You Need to Know About the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce


All You Need to Know About the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

August 21, 2023

What is the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce?

The 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce is designed to incorporate a 3D functionality, enabling users to personalize products according to their preferences. The custom cartridge has been specifically developed for compatibility with Salesforce B2C Commerce API Version 22.10 (Compatibility Mode: 21.7). It includes controllers that offer extended functionality and is tested for SFRA 6.0.0.

Functional Overview of the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

To use the 3D Cartridge, follow the below steps:

  • Set the product custom attribute “IsCustomizeAble” to true.
  • Once enabled, the product page displays a “Customize” button on the Product Detail Page (PDP).
  • When customers click “Customize” button on the PDP, they are redirected to the Configurator page.
  • The Configurator page lets the user personalize the product according to their preferences and add it to the cart.
  • The Cart page and Order Summary image should accurately reflect the customized product configuration.
  • During checkout, the user needs to provide their details and place an order. The customization information will be available in the order details.

Use Cases of the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

  • Assign product to the “3D Products” category in Business Manager.
  • Import the necessary metadata for Product Custom Attribute to the site.
  • Set the Product Custom Attribute “IsCustomizeAble” to true in Business Manager.
  • After enabling “IsCustomizeAble” custom attribute, the “Configure Product” button shows on the Product Detail Page (PDP).
  • Customers can customize the product on Configurator page.
  • Once the product is customized, customers can add it to their cart.
  • The customized 3D product can be added as a separate line item on the Cart Page for each customization.
  • The image displayed on the Cart Page and Order Summary should be same as the customized image.
  • Users can proceed to checkout, place order, and view customization information on the order detail page.
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Features of the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

  • The 3D Cartridge is a cloud-native SaaS solution, leveraging a cloud-based database, following MACH principles. The backend portal uses cloud storage, ensuring fast performance and responsiveness, guaranteeing uninterrupted enterprise operations.
  • The robust API endpoints ensure seamless backend integration with the Salesforce marketplace and can also function as a standalone solution, simplifying business operations.
  • The codeless backend platform facilitates easy onboarding of businesses, offering end-to-end workflow and asset management capabilities to configure and control the storefront experience.
  • The Salesforce’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with rich visual 3D content ensure improved online visibility, traffic generation, and sales conversion.
  • By leveraging the app’s 3D and augmented reality (AR) capabilities, returns can be reduced as customers gain a better understanding of the actual product before making a purchase.
  • Flexible, pre-built client SDKs can be customized to align with the company’s branding requirements, seamlessly connecting with any fulfillment systems using APIs.
  • The reporting dashboard provides insights into business performance, analyzing product and order data to strategize the transformation of underperforming items into bestselling ones.
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Benefits of the 3D Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Royal Cyber’s 3D Cartridge allows you to design, develop, and deliver unparalleled 3D customization experiences for your eCommerce digital product catalogues. It converts 2D images into immersive 3D visualizations, providing a 360-degree view, making real photos and virtual product representations identical.

With seamless integration using robust APIs and SDKs, the 3D Cartridge effortlessly integrates with any eCommerce platform, ensuring convenience and flexibility. This makes it easy to implement changes to product designs swiftly and efficiently, saving time and resources.

You can use the advanced custom configurations and allow your customers to easily build personalized product models. 3D Cartridge enhances customer engagement, enriches Product Listing Pages (PLP) and Product Detail Pages (PDP) experiences with captivating 3D visuals, thereby boosting conversion rates, and reducing returns. The immersive and interactive PDPs increase inbound lead generation, capitalizing on customer curiosity and encouraging impulse purchases or return visits. This approach effectively converts window shoppers into paying customers, resulting in improving sales.


By leveraging the 3D Cartridge, you can provide unique and immersive product customization experiences, allowing customers to visualize and personalize products like never before. With Royal Cyber’s expertise and dedication, you can harness the power of 3D Customization to elevate your customer experience and drive sales. Experience the difference that 3D brings to your eCommerce journey. Upgrade your online store today and stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge 3D customization solution.

Unlock the Power of 3D Customization

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