webMethods: The Integration Solution for Modern Logistics

webMethods: The Integration Solution for Modern Logistics

Written by Priya George

Content Writer

December 20, 2022

What is the Role of Integration Technology?

Agility and scalability are frequently associated with cloud-native companies. However, becoming cloud-native can be a challenging process that takes time. This difficulty can discourage companies from trying to achieve digitization as they believe it is beyond their reach, yet they need to stay competitive. With integrations, companies can build connected digital ecosystems that help connect systems, applications, and partners seamlessly. Thus, innovation and digital transformation remain within reach even for companies with legacy infrastructure.

Why Embedded Integration is Essential for SCM and Logistics:

When building a seamless supply chain management system, no process is more central to this business operation than logistics. With more tech-savvy customers ordering online, ensuring timely and accurate delivery has become vital for all business operations. Customers today demand flexibility and visibility in the delivery process. Thus, end-to-end supply chain visibility has become vital. However, the challenge of bringing end-to-end visibility into the logistics process is that many companies still operate on legacy systems today. Thus, ensuring a seamless EDI between various players in the logistics field becomes a challenge.


However, with embedded integration in the logistics process, companies can ensure the following:

  • Customer confidentiality
  • Prevent customer churn
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Incorporating digitization within your infrastructure

There are several integration solutions, but few match the efficiency and popularity webMethods by Software AG enjoys. Read our blog on how B2B EDI transactions are made easier with the help of webMethods.

How webMethods Modernizes Logistics:

webMethods is a single platform with a range of integration capabilities that help connect legacy and new technology. Software AG the parent company defines webMethods.io as

A powerful integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that provides a combination of capabilities offered by ESBs, data integration systems, API Management tools, and B2B gateways

With webMethods, companies can connect applications, IoT devices, services, B2B partners, etc. In addition, with the webMethods enterprise bus solution (aka webMethods ESB), companies can transcend the stand application, cloud, and B2B integration and ensure fully managed file transfers, end-to-end management of integration artifacts, and high-speed asynchronous messaging across systems, among other functions.

There are several use cases where webMethods integration becomes essential for the logistics industry:

  1. Integrate applications and data: With webMethods, companies can connect across systems and applications, whether located on-prem or cloud. This allows automated data exchange that makes the data interchange process more scalable.
  2. Integrate business partners:Seamless data exchange between partners is crucial for a logistics business. From order processing to invoices, webMethods has partner integration solutions that allow automatic partner-centric data exchange and follow all industry standards.
  3. Integrate with IoT devices:Keeping track of shipments can be challenging, given the number of variables involved. Companies need a way to unify the various systems in play, such as mobile and IoT devices. webMethods has a history of providing a hybrid integration platform with a single simple interface for communicating between these various systems.
  4. Manage master data:Accurate or slow data interchange can harm logistics companies seriously. A centralized, trusted data source and successful data replication across various apps and systems ensure greater order accuracy and on-time arrivals. webMethods integration allows companies to have an interface for managing their operational and analytics infrastructure simultaneously.

webMethods has a long history of credibility within the application integration industry, with Gartner recognizing its parent company Software AG as an integration leader five consecutive times. Furthermore, they have experience providing specialized supply chain solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics.


Challenge Faced by the Customer & How Royal Cyber Addressed it


A leading logistics company in the US was facing severe credibility issues due to failing services. When investigated, the service failures were tied to database connection issues and the HTTP within a webMethods legacy server.


The client needed help optimizing their core application and adding additional features to meet the demands of modern logistics. They needed access to webMethods subject matter experts (SMEs) who could provide professional services to implement solutions to fit their unique business needs.


With Royal Cyber’s webMethods experts, the client successfully executed a production database clean-up and Archived Data on webMethods tables. Thus, the client could save close to 500 GB of space from production webMethods tables.


The team developed a shipment tracking dashboard interface and deployed it to production servers. Client carriers like FedEx and UPS now use this shipment-tracking dashboard to get details on package movements. In addition, a new BI dashboard named ‘Greater Insight- Transportation Management System’ was developed in Power Apps to provide the transportation team with logistic information on past and present shipments.

How Royal Cyber Can Help

Royal Cyber has decades of experience when it comes to leveraging integration and middleware solutions successfully. Our integration partners include Dell Boomi, IBM Cloud Pak, Redhat Openshift, and Sterling B2B. When it comes to webMethods, with the help of our SMEs, we offer a range of implementation services, including:

  • Upgrading webMethods environment
  • Developing new integrations between apps and systems
  • Ongoing support for the current webMethods environment
  • Help you virtualize infrastructure to integrate successfully.

For more information about what Royal Cyber offers, visit our website, www.royalcyber.com, or contact us at [email protected].

Want to Implement Enterprise Integration with webMethods?

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