Amazon Pay and Avalara Tax Integration Plugin for HCL Commerce

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Amazon Pay and Avalara Tax Integration Plugin for HCL Commerce

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Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

March 28, 2023

HCL Commerce is a highly flexible and scalable eCommerce platform that helps you create B2B and B2C storefronts to offer seamless shopping experiences across all customer touchpoints. It allows you to showcase your high-value products and services, empowering you to leverage your brand. Royal Cyber Inc. is an HCL Commerce partner and has created plugin integrations that allow businesses to streamline their processes and operations. Read this blog to learn about two powerful integrations – Amazon Pay and Avalara Connector that drive simplicity and efficacy to your business processes.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a payment service that enables customers to select payment methods, billing, and shipping addresses stored on their Amazon user accounts. It allows shoppers to shop from their preferred online stores with ease and convenience, eliminating the need to re-enter addresses on the website, and ensuring they place orders successfully. Interestingly, this makes Amazon Pay a premium checkout option for B2C websites. Moreover, transactions are secure without additional sign-ups and sign-ins.

How does Amazon Pay work?

  1. After the initial setup on Amazon Seller Central, the ‘Amazon Pay’ button is added to the ‘Shop Cart’ page as a checkout option.
  2. The customer clicks on the ‘Amazon Pay’ button to begin checkout.
  3. The customer signs in, verifies the preferred payment mode, and optionally selects a shipping address on the Amazon Pay-hosted page.
  4. The customer is redirected to the ‘Order Summary/Review Page’ for confirmation.
  5. If needed, the customer completes the checkout on the Amazon Pay-hosted page by replying to the multi-factor authentication or identity validation challenge. If the previous payment was declined, another payment method can be selected.
  6. Amazon Pay will then redirect the customer back to the ‘Order Confirmation’ page.
  7. After the order is placed, HCL Commerce sends a request for authorization and capture to Amazon Pay.
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Advantages of Royal Cyber’s Amazon Pay Integration Plugin for HCL Commerce

Amazon Pay offers businesses the opportunity to increase buyer engagement and brand visibility. The customer can seamlessly walk through the checkout process using their existing account information. This reduces cart abandonment helping businesses boost sales and revenues. Studies reveal that online consumers frequently abandon their carts when asked to create a new account or if they encounter a long and complex checkout process.

Royal Cyber’s Amazon Pay integrator minimizes the integration effort significantly. It saves time required for analysis, solution design, development, and QA. Our experts can quickly implement the integrator without any modifications for sites running on HCL Commerce V9.

Checkout Flow for HCL Commerce Users with Amazon Pay Integration

  1. Add the Amazon Pay button to the Aurora Shop cart page.
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  1. When a user clicks the Amazon Pay button, they are redirected to the Amazon login screen.
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  1. After login, the user can view or modify addresses and payment methods stored on the Amazon account. Additionally, an order reference is created when the address widget is shown to the customer.
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  1. After selecting the shipping address and payment method, the total order amount is calculated, and the user places an order on the Aurora website. This action sets the purchase details and Order Reference.
  2. Once the user places an order, a request to authorize the order amount against the selected payment method is sent.
  3. Once the seller ships the order, a request to capture funds from the authorized amount is made, followed by a close order reference after a successful capture.

Avalara Integration Connector

What is Avalara?

Avalara is a sales tax software solution that helps you calculate tax rates, prepare returns, and organize documents. It is the perfect solution across various business verticals including ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, and software – irrespective of their sizes. Using Avalara, you can apply tax rates and invoice rules, file timely returns, and get on-demand reports.

How does Avalara work?

  1. Avalara manages the product/item setup details and jurisdiction.
  2. The customer adds items to the cart and chooses a shipping address. HCL Commerce requests Avalara to calculate tax based on items in the cart and the shipping address selected by the customer.
  3. Avalara responds with item-level tax and total tax amount.
  4. HCL Commerce adds this tax to the order total and shows it in the Order Summary.
  5. Whenever there is a change in the order, the Avalara tax API is called to recalculate the tax.

Advantages of Royal Cyber’s Avalara Integration Plugin for HCL Commerce

The eCommerce flow in HCL Commerce requires a taxation system to generate and calculate taxes based on region and geography. For example, when the user checks out after including products in the cart, they must pay taxes on the product purchases. This prompts the need to integrate the system with a third-party tax calculation system to calculate tax and build a highly secure eCommerce site with a worldwide tax calculation process.

Royal Cyber’s Avalara integrator is designed to fulfil this requirement. Our integrator reduces development and deployment efforts with a streamlined integration. In addition, it will save you time and money by facilitating a customized plugin installation without making changes to websites working with HCL Commerce V9.

Avalara Integration Flow


Royal Cyber’s experts can help you understand and gauge the efficiency of Amazon Pay and the Avalara integrator. While the Amazon Pay integrator enables your customers to make quick and secure payments giving them a smooth shopping experience, the Avalara integration helps you reduce tax burdens by automatically calculating taxes irrespective of what and where you sell. Get in touch with us to find out how you can harness the potential of both these solutions.

Want to Leverage the Potential of Amazon Pay and Avalara

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