Why is Angular perfect for eCommerce development?

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Why is Angular perfect for eCommerce development?

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Written by Rohit Maini

Technical Lead for UI/UX

April 7, 2023

If you frequently buy products online, you must have a favourite eCommerce website. Everyone has one.

“Why do you return to this website?”

When you think about it, you will realize that the seamless and intuitive shopping experience holds you back. You visit the website regularly to fulfil your online shopping needs. Therefore, user experience is the focal point behind eCommerce website development.

Customer loyalty is difficult to earn owing to the rich number of choices and accelerated competition in the market. You cannot attract them by giving them a glitchy shopping experience on your website. User experience while browsing your website plays a vital role for all user interfaces, but it is critical when designing these eCommerce platforms.

Stages of a Successful eCommerce Product Strategy

A successful eCommerce product strategy consists of seven stages –

  1. Ideation
  2. Understanding Product Demand
  3. Developing Prototypes
  4. Testing
  5. Production
  6. Product Launch
  7. Customer Feedback

While the stages mentioned above are critical, choosing the right tech stack and programming platform for eCommerce product development is a vital step. One of the key components in user experience is Page speed which significantly impacts both the bounce rate and conversion rate, with faster websites lowering the former and increasing the latter. This is where Angular comes in.

What is Angular?

Angular is a methodized JavaScript framework used for single-page web-based applications. It is a common industry choice for developing an eCommerce website due to its speed and seamless user experience. The chances of losing customers are high if your online store doesn’t load in 3-4 seconds. Angular-based platforms are proven to be more secure and stable because of their speed and compact size to avoid such predicaments.

For eCommerce businesses to stay ahead of the competition, investing in an effective framework provides a distinct edge and enables you to achieve optimal results, expand your presence, and drive growth.

According to a survey by Stack Overflow in 2020, Angular is one of the most sought-after web frameworks in the frontend category. In addition, another recent Statista survey in 2022 showed that Angular is the fifth most popular framework among the developer community. Depending on the popularity metric, Angular is a feasible option for eCommerce web application development.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Paypal, and Forbes rely on Angular for their websites and applications. Also, Angular is an open-source development platform that doesn’t require additional libraries for mobile or web application development.

Advantages of Angular

Maintain high-quality web pages

With its excellent coding flexibility, Angular allows you to build your eCommerce website with better results. It eliminates unnecessary web pages and allows you to maintain high-quality ones to attract more customers.

High-speed performance

Google Analytics measures customer engagement and Google Webmasters helps you monitor your website’s actions and uncover issues that need fixing, adding performance value. By embedding these tools in Angular, data is translated into useful business intelligence, and SEO strategies can be built for online campaigns. This allows you to strengthen your eCommerce application with feedback and in-depth analysis.

Improved web security

As eCommerce websites involve payment processing, security is a major concern. For each online purchase, customers leave a trail of payment information. Since customer loyalty is focused on security factors, it becomes imperative to safeguard your customers’ personal information as an online retailer. With Angular, you can protect customer data and eCommerce websites against fraud. Angular enables you to follow security standards with safe code variables and attributes like HTTP.

SEO-friendly sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to rank your store higher during a search. Although this is an organic way to attract visitors to your eCommerce website, keywords play a vital role. With Angular, you can be at ease with your SEO efforts because it allows you to get traction in search results with its code. This SEO feature compliments the website and helps it rank higher than its competitors.

Effective testing cycle

App development is incomplete without testing and quality assurance. Angular offers a unit testing setup to complete the testing process with expected outputs. It runs code and tests the quality of your application efficiently, providing you with thorough insights into any bugs or complexities in your application.

Improved user interface

HTML is a declarative language for designing appealing web page styles. As Angular extends HTML attributes, developers can design attractive web pages with more features. So, you can deliver an immersive user interface to your consumers through your eCommerce website.

Why Royal Cyber?

Royal Cyber offers unparalleled e-commerce development services that help you transform your business’s web experience through custom-built front-end solutions. With our expertise in developing e-commerce solutions using Angular and Spartacus solutions, we ensure cost efficiency and user-centricity for your brand. Schedule a consultation with us to discover more.

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