Unlock the Power of Headless Commerce with Salesforce

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Unlock the Power of Headless Commerce with Salesforce


Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

February 27, 2023

In the world of eCommerce, customer expectations, market trends, and business needs are ever-changing. As a result, organizations constantly search for how to extend their brand to meet these new needs. The answer lies in the flexibility and agility provided by Headless Commerce. Unfortunately, while Headless Commerce is one of the most discussed solutions, it is also the least understood. To set this record straight, this blog will uncover the standard components of a Headless Commerce system and the advantages and considerations of adopting this architecture.


What is Headless Commerce?

A Headless Commerce integration allows businesses to create unparalleled and unique customer experiences driven by a back-end eCommerce platform. It allows the decoupling of the front-end presentation layer from the back-end engine through APIs, which empowers businesses to build flexible commerce capabilities. This enables companies to deliver API-driven experiences through CMS, DXP, Application, device, or a bespoke front-end.


Benefits of Headless Commerce

The adopters of Headless Commerce are businesses with more extensive development and IT teams. The custom programming required to build a separate front-end and back-end reliably requires a majority of development hours. As a result, these businesses often have long development queues and ambitious creative and marketing teams eager to test new designs and templates on the front-end. In addition, recent times have modified consumers to digital-first experiences, for which brands need to embrace innovation like never before, as speed-to-market is often tied to increasing cash flow.

The benefits of making the switch to Headless Commerce are worth the effort and can accelerate the business:

  • Better Employee Adoption:Most organizations are reluctant to use new technologies due to the steep learning curves. Having a modern eCommerce platform along with the simplicity of Headless Commerce solves this problem, as everyone on the team can easily access and update the front end without advanced skills.
  • Appropriate Tools: Headless Commerce provides brands with tools to build custom experiences that shoppers cannot access at all places. Critical to these tools are APIs to ensure coordinated, brand-consistent experiences across channels, driven by standard commerce services like promotions, inventory, product information, and much more.
  • Saved Time:Since changes to the front end can be made in an agile manner, developers can save time on user interface changes. Also, with headless templates and partner solutions, developers only need a few clicks to jumpstart commerce apps, resulting in increased conversion.
  • Faster Time to Market:With Headless Commerce, businesses can launch new front-end experiences quickly. Responding to a new market trend can be done rapidly and with reduced costs of back-end development.
  • Cost Savings:With Headless Commerce, businesses do not need to rely on long development processes for every storefront change, which means those expenses are eliminated. Headless requires fewer licensing and hosting fees, and a reduced infrastructure spend.

Modern Commerce Keeps you Prepared


These are some of the reasons why businesses prefer to move from traditional to headless eCommerce. Going Headless also helps companies improve their user experience by delivering better customer satisfaction rates.

How does Headless Commerce Impact Customers?

The path to growth means swift action to meet new customer and societal expectations. As consumers embrace new ways of interacting with brands, they benefit from headless applications and websites by:

Instantaneous Changes and Optimization

The updates are instantly reflected when a business introduces new content to its front end. Unfortunately, sites built with traditional commerce architecture can sometimes take minutes, if not hours, before all users experience the brand’s latest design.

Rich User Experiences and Interfaces

Since businesses can finally control all the elements that users interact with quickly, they can get creative with the content published on their websites to provide experimental designs. Also, the universal compatibility of Headless Commerce ensures the website works seamlessly between all devices and viewing formats. Managers of traditional eCommerce websites must use responsive designs to minimize the risk of elements displaying incorrectly on various devices. It is one of the main reasons why companies with a Headless architecture are more likely to expand into new channels than non-headless companies.

Getting Started with Headless Commerce

eCommerce platforms provide APIs and tools for developers to build coordinated, brand-consistent experiences across all channels based on a single view of data. Meanwhile, creative teams can focus on optimizing user experiences and interfaces to improve customer engagement and drive conversions.

The flexibility of a commerce platform ensures developers can build with speed and have full autonomy of tools, code, APIs, and all third-party integrations. Equip your developers with the tools and education they need to get ahead of the innovation curve and competition with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Center. It is a public portal to discover, share, and build eCommerce applications. Developers can use it as a primary source of information to create innovative experiences on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.



Royal Cyber offers exceptional Headless Commerce solutions optimized for speed and flexibility. With Salesforce’s Headless connectivity, businesses can create unparalleled personalized customer experiences driven by a back-end commerce platform. In addition, we deploy Headless Commerce capabilities to assist retailers in meeting all their custom requirements. Being a certified Silver Salesforce Partner, our experts decouple and recouple the front-end and back-end of digital stores to deliver a unified Headless Commerce experience. Contact us to access our eCommerce experience in digital strategy and transformation, storefront analytics, and project schedules to help your business expand globally.

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