Visualizing and Designing Products using Royal Cyber’s 3D Custom Builder

visualizing-and-designing products-using-royal-cyber-s-3-d-custom-builder

Visualizing and Designing Products using Royal Cyber’s 3D Custom Builder


Written by Pooja Naik

Lead BA

March 2, 2023

Today, a majority of customers prefer personalizing every product, especially when it comes to their homes. Planning and designing a house is a highly tailored option that every consumer seeks for these days. The latest eCommerce technologies have transformed client perceptions by offering advanced customization choices.

Building a house with one’s own touch is a dream come true. If customers can get the ideal product that suits their style and budget, then attracting their interest is easy for any eCommerce sector.

Due to customer’s high expectations for personalized products such as cabinets including cupboards, hangers, doors, veneers; kitchen products such as storage drawers, dishwasher, chimney, fridge, sink, doors or windows; and bathroom products such as bathtub, basins, showers, faucets, and commodes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to provide custom builds. Customers are looking to personalize their walls, tiles, floors with various colours, textures, and much more depending on the size of the room, which makes it even more difficult for businesses to cater to.

Some of the main issues businesses face today while delivering custom builder experiences for kitchen, bathroom, and cabinet products include:

  • Inability to be a Market Differentiator: Many customers are concerned about pricing or convenience rather than distinctive or inventive features, making it difficult to differentiate products or services.
  • Complex Design Alternatives: Customers struggle to visualise and select from a vast range of design options, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the design vocabulary or concepts.
  • Allowing Consumers to Develop Unique Goods: Customers who need a unique and personalised product may find that some platforms provide limited customization possibilities, which can get annoying.
  • Uncertain Lead Times: Custom-built items might have longer lead times than mass-produced items. Due to the uncertainty of specific product requirements, businesses struggle to deliver correct lead times to their customers.
  • Problems with Quality Control: Since the buyer cannot picture the product before purchasing it, constructing a product based on the customer’s needs results in inconsistent quality.
  • Lack of Real-Life Context: It can get difficult to effectively describe how a product will look in a real-life environment when the object cannot be physically placed in that location.
  • Low Customer Satisfaction: Since customers are unable to envision the goods in real time, they do not grasp how the product would appear when purchased physically, resulting in significant customer dissatisfaction.
  • Complex Operations to Establish Catalogues and 3D Assets: Maintaining a large volume of data unique to specific products and their 3D assets may be time demanding and resource costly.
  • Accurate Measurements for Bespoke Items: Traditional methods make it difficult to correctly measure products or areas with complicated curves or features.

Royal Cyber’s “3D Custom Builder”

Royal Cyber assists customers by creating unique personalized projects with a specialization in fabrication. Our expertise lies in creating a bespoke 3D builder for programming and producing a variety of construction requirements. We gain more control over each aspect of production by understanding each project’s specific requirements before the manufacturing process begins. We employ cutting-edge technology to create highly customized goods without losing the perfection that comes with traditional workmanship.


Features of Royal Cyber's 3D Custom Builder

  • Supports customers to build an entire cabinetry, kitchen, and bathroom products from scratch by helping them visualize, design, and build as per their needs using 3D models
  • Provides customers the required product, including its features and parts with available variants including size, height, width, etc., along with different lighting and environment settings to build their custom product
  • Cost measurement based on the size of the product rendered
  • Customer satisfaction by letting them move and place the product as per their home design
  • Enables the product created by the customer and business agents to be purchased by displaying the basic checkout information such as price, availability, etc.
  • Allows customers and business agents to correct their mistakes with the “undo” and “redo” options
  • Enables social media sharing by allowing them to download and print the created product
  • Allows businesses to download and print the product to create a product catalogue
  • Business Agents can use the builder to create Virtual Product Catalogues
  • The backend portal enables businesses to manage a global library with several 3D Assets for their products
  • The backend portal also helps businesses decide on their product parts, colours, textures, and much more by configuring different rules and combinations before allowing customers to customize their products

Businesses can decide their strategies based on the existing stock and inventory and only then provide the option to customize the product to their customers.


Example of How 3D Custom Builder works for Cabinetry Products


Why Choose a 3D Custom Builder for your Business

  • SAAS based and Cloud Native
  • Robust and Powerful Architecture
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Compatible with most of eCommerce Platforms
  • Readymade SDKs
  • Powerful API Extensibility
  • Hassle-free Customer Onboarding in Backend Portal
  • 3D Object Compatibility and Customizations with Preview
  • Flexibility to choose Materials and Values for the end customer
  • Requirement-based Products and Customizations
  • Options to select the room, along with its sizing, and much more

Benefits of the 3D Custom Builder

  • Create: Create tailored experiences by allowing clients to Customize & Personalize
  • Convert: Convert customers into creators by instilling curiosity of the building tool and helping them visualize the items prior to purchase
  • Reduce: Reduce refunds by assisting clients to understand the goods better before they make their purchase
  • Increase : Increase customer satisfaction by using immersive visual experiences and increasing sales
  • Improve: Improve the capability of business agents by helping them create product catalogues at ease
  • Save: Build catalogues electronically to save time and money on photography


Royal Cyber’s team of experts can effortlessly deploy a bespoke builder for your business, helping you at every stage of the journey by utilizing industry-leading techniques to ensure a flawless execution. Contact us so our team of professional consultants can help you build your own custom builder using our end-to-end 3D and customization solutions for eCommerce so you can deliver rich interactive experiences for all your products.

Design 3D Customised Solutions to offer Immersive Experiences

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