Enabling Seamless Inventory Synchronization between Salesforce B2C Commerce and Order Management System (OMS)

Enabling Inventory Synchronization between Salesforce B2C Commerce and OMS

Enabling Inventory Synchronization between Salesforce B2C Commerce and OMS

Enabling Inventory Synchronization between Salesforce B2C Commerce and OMS

Lala Asif Allana

Director of Technology – Salesforce

January 16, 2024

In today’s dynamic eCommerce landscape, where precision and agility reign supreme, the significance of Salesforce’s Real-Time Inventory Management cannot be overstated. As businesses strive to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers and stay ahead in competitive markets, the ability to access, analyze, and act upon real-time inventory data emerges as a strategic imperative.

Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated and implemented by Royal Cyber, empowers businesses to transcend traditional inventory management constraints. Real-time visibility into stock levels, order statuses, and dynamic inventory insights not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates customer satisfaction by ensuring products are consistently available when and where needed.
In this blog, we delve into the key components and implementation steps, exploring the seamless integration of B2C Commerce, Omnichannel Inventory, and Order Management Systems.

Section 1: B2C Commerce Integration for Streamlined Order Processing

Connecting Salesforce Org and B2C Commerce

  • Retrieve your Tenant ID from B2C Commerce Business Manager.
  • Create an Order Integration Connection in Salesforce Setup, ensuring a lower-case B2C Instance ID.
  • Activate the Integration in B2C Commerce for a Provisioned status.
  • Enable the Integration for your site, initiating data flow from B2C Commerce to Order Management.

Section 2: Omnichannel Inventory Implementation with SFCC

Activation and Approval Process
  • File a support case and OCI Activation Approval Request to activate Omnichannel Inventory.
  • Complete the OCI Activation Request Form, specifying details and submitting the support case number.
  • Allow up to 72 hours for approval.
Understanding Omnichannel Inventory Terms Key terms include Available to Fulfill (ATF), Available to Order (ATO), Future Inventory, Location, Location Graph, Location Group, Quantity on Hand, Quantity Reserved, Reservation, Safety Stock Count, and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

Section 3: Order Placement in SFCC and OMS Integration

Order Placement Workflow
  • Check stock inventory in OCI before placing an order.
  • Place an order in SFCC, customize the product, and confirm the order details.
  • Verify the Reservation in OCI, set to 1.
  • Track the creation of Order Summary Routing Schedule, OCI Interaction Order Summaries, and Fulfillments Order.
  • Fulfill the order, create OCI Interaction Fulfill Order, and update on-hand quantity in OCI.

Section 4: Headless API Integration for Inventory Availability

Method 1: Utilizing OCI Headless API with Postman

  • Prerequisites: Setup Order Management, activate Omnichannel Inventory, and review relevant guides.
  • Download Postman Collection, configure the import file, and set up Postman.
  • Download and install OpenSSL, create a private key and certificate.
  • Import the OCI PLC Collection, set up Postman environment variables, and import inventory availability file.
  • Verify successful API call and check updated inventory in Omnichannel Inventory app.

Method 2: Leveraging Salesforce OCI - Commerce API POSTMAN Collection

  • Import the collection and environment to POSTMAN.
  • Modify data placeholders with your Salesforce details.
  • Follow steps for setup values: client_id, short_code, tenant_group_id, realm_id, and instance_id.
  • Authenticate against Salesforce Commerce API, get availability by locations, batch update inventory records, and retrieve updated availability.


Royal Cyber’s Salesforce Real-time Inventory Management solutions offer a robust framework for businesses to enhance efficiency and accuracy. By integrating B2C Commerce, Omnichannel Inventory, and Order Management, companies can streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
Royal Cyber, with its proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, stands as a strategic partner poised to guide enterprises through the implementation and optimization of these cutting-edge technologies. From seamless B2C Commerce integration to the strategic activation of Omnichannel Inventory and the orchestration of efficient Order Management, Royal Cyber empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern inventory management with confidence.
By leveraging Royal Cyber’s proficiency in deploying Headless APIs and utilizing the robust Salesforce Commerce API, businesses can unlock the full potential of real-time inventory insights, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic market landscape.


Poonam Chandersy

Embrace the Future of Salesforce Inventory Management

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