Accelerate Your Customer Support with Royal Cyber’s Accelerator

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Accelerate Your Customer Support with Royal Cyber’s Accelerator

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Written by Shraddha Naik

Jr. Business Analyst

March 13, 2023

In today’s customer-centric era, the underlying driving principle to bring about strategic advantages to new-age businesses are customer experiences that need a holistic customer life cycle management.

The growing role and access to digital platforms are accelerating the change in customer experiences leading to changes in perceptions, behaviours, and demands alike. Digital platforms should be capable of providing the end-to-end customer experiences and bringing about value to the business through increased sales and profitability.


A Customer Service Accelerator is a platform designed to assist organizations to enhance the quality and efficiency of their customer service operations. It includes tools and resources such as training materials, customer service software, and process improvements to help organizations deliver better service to their customers. Customer Service Accelerators also include coaching and consulting services to help organizations identify and address specific challenges and opportunities for improvement in their customer service operations.

The Customer Service Accelerator market is likely to expand as more businesses recognize the value of providing excellent customer service and look for tools and resources to help them improve their operations. According to Grand View Research, the global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.6% between 2021 and 2028. This expansion is most likely being influenced by several factors, including increased adoption of digital technologies and increased demand for personalized customer experiences.

There are most likely numerous Customer Service Accelerators in the market, ranging from simple training materials and resources to complex software platforms and consulting services. Companies can select a Customer Service Accelerator based on their specific needs and budget, as well as their industry and clientele volume.

There are several reasons why organizations may opt for Customer Service Accelerators. Some of the advantages of using a Customer Service Accelerator include:

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: A Customer Service Accelerator can assist businesses by providing better customer service that can boost customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: An Accelerator can assist businesses in cutting costs and enhancing efficiency by streamlining procedures and offering staff members the tools and resources they need to serve customers more effectively.
  3. Improved Reputation: Companies can gain a good reputation by offering top-notch customer service, which can result in an increase of devoted customers and additional sales.
  4. Reduced Churn: A Customer Service Accelerator can assist businesses in lowering the churn rate and increasing customer retention by enhancing the customer experience.
  5. Market Advantage: Businesses that provide excellent customer service can set themselves apart from the competition and have an advantage in the market.

The inability and the lack of access to actionable data about the customer lead to several business challenges. Businesses face a myriad of challenges, including operating in silos, misaligning customer service touchpoints with the customer journey, complex ticketing workflow, longer response time, and tedious integration, leading to lower customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and retention.

Below are some of the business challenges faced by a commercetools’ customer while providing customer service features:

  • Absence of In-house CS Accelerator for commercetools Customers
  • Difficulty in Mapping Customer Journey with Customer Service Touchpoints
  • Lack of Customer Centricity
  • Complex Ticketing Workflows and Operations
  • Time Consuming Process

The solution for all these business challenges is Royal Cyber’s Customer Service Accelerator, which include the following benefits:

  • This Customer Service Accelerator for commercetools is designed for customer service agents with easy access to customer-related queries enabling them to understand and resolve the issues quickly.
  • It is equipped with features that help to resolve customer issues with a personalized approach to customer service and support.
  • This Customer Service Accelerator is built as a microservices and extending merchant center where customers can leverage all the functionalities of the CS Accelerator along with commercetools’ OOTB features.

The CS Accelerator provides functionalities such as Ticketing, Messaging, Order Enquiries, Personal Service, Customer 360-Degree View, and many more as illustrated below:

cs-accelerator blog
  • Using a special ticketing system feature that offers all the details regarding customer concerns and inquiries logged under the unique tracking ID, the function enables customer service representatives to engage with clients effectively and efficiently.
  • CS agents can respond to client inquiries through various channels including chat, email, and phone, among others, using the functionality of Messaging features.
  • With the help of the Order Enquiries functionality, customer service representatives can keep track of data pertaining to Orders and Returns, Order Fulfillment, Allocation, Cancellation, Pick-Up, Pack, and Print Shipping Labels, Reallocation, Returns and Refunds, Sourcing, and other topics.
  • To simplify the purchasing process, the CS agents are given access to customer accounts so they can handle them on their behalf through the Assisted Service features.
  • With the Customer 360-Degree View, customer service representatives will be able to access client information like their profile, address, shopping cart, orders, payments, refunds, and returns, among other things.
  • The CS Accelerator also comes with additional benefits of improved service efficiency, and enhanced sales enablement to enhance user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • It provides easy plug-and-play features on various commercetools’ marketplaces to improve the usability and agility for handling customer interactions and improved sales engagement and closure.
  • The CS Accelerator delivers personalized customer service and sales support in real-time in the right context and relevant to the customers to ensure improved and increased conversion rates and in turn increase revenue.
  • It also supports multi-tenancy to streamline customized services for multiple and distinct brands’ customers at the same time in real-time with reduced latency by combining customer data from different sources and making it usable for other processes too.

Royal Cyber’s CS Accelerator can be used by any commercetools’ client looking to implement and integrate the customer service features into their present system. Contact us and let our team of experts help you with strategizing and building immersive customer experiences and an interactive digital journey resulting in a seamless solution that meets your online Marketplace demands.

Leverage the Potential of Royal Cyber’s Custom Service Accelerator

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