Why Artificial Intelligence Requires Human Intervention

AI Requires Human Intervention

Why Artificial Intelligence Requires Human Intervention

AI Requires Human Intervention

Written by Afsa Ashraf

Content Writer

October 7, 2022

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that may aid companies in many industries in making better strategic decisions, it is becoming increasingly clear that human interaction is still necessary as AI’s capabilities increase.

Though AI and machine learning tools have grown to the point where they are trusted with important jobs and judgments, technology is still not at a position where it can completely imitate the human mind and decision-making process.

The development of mankind as a whole depends on advancements in artificial intelligence, automation, and other high-tech fields. However, without human interaction, these AI technologies lack an ethical framework and may even harbor hidden prejudices. In this article, we will go over the reasons why human involvement is essential to the long-term development of AI.

The Value of Human Involvement

Though science fiction is rife with tales of Artificial Intelligence gone awry and ruining civilization, like in Terminator and 2001: A Space Odyssey, the truth is that problems with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be more complex and difficult to understand. Algorithms for AI and machine learning are not created in a vacuum. AI is created by humans, whom each have their own biases and imperfections, much like every web development or app development project.

Even if the developer is not aware of their prejudices, their biases can taint or impact AI and machine learning algorithms. While it might be difficult to accept, algorithms cannot only accept but also reinforce gender, racial, ethnic, and other biases. This phenomenon is known as AI bias in the world of computer science. In recent years, Amazon’s AI talent recruitment process has become a well-known illustration of artificial intelligence bias.

Amazon’s AI algorithm was created to evaluate potential employees. As you might expect, Amazon receives a large number of applications for available opportunities. AI aids the organization in screening applicants and selecting the most qualified individuals for open positions. However, the AI model used by Amazon has difficulty with female candidates which is a serious problem. How did Amazon’s AI model come to have this gender bias when as a global community we have been working on being more inclusive and including varied views in the workplace?


The astonishingly straightforward solution emphasizes how crucial human interaction is for AI and machine learning algorithms. Because it was trained on historical business hiring data for computer engineers, Amazon’s AI model was biased against women. Men make up the vast majority of the computer engineers working for Amazon and other internet firms.

This data was used by Amazon’s AI model to determine that men were preferred over women. The model consequently downgraded any application that alluded to ladies. Examples of applications that were degraded due to AI prejudice include those who mentioned attending an all-college women’s or serving as team captain.

Fortunately, internal research teams at Amazon discovered this problem before it spread widely. This is a significant illustration of the advantages of human interaction, though. Who knows how much long-term harm would have been caused in this situation if there had been no human intervention. The issue with artificial intelligence (AI) models and algorithms is that they frequently lack the broader social context that we take for granted.

Although it is unlikely that the model in the Amazon case was intentionally trained to discriminate against women, the outcome remains the same. AI programs might easily discriminate against vast groups of humans in the absence of human interaction.


Practical Methods Human Intervention is used to direct AI

The Amazon example emphasizes the value of human involvement, although while these problems receive the most attention, they are not the most frequent. Therefore, in order to verify that your AI models and machine learning algorithms are operating as intended, your project management team needs to understand the practical, everyday ways they may use human assistance.

The Benefits of Human Involvement Include


Manipulating Data





Manipulating Data

Data processing and analytics are some activities that AI is particularly good at, but as we saw in the Amazon example, AI models and algorithms can occasionally get out of control. Artificial intelligence performs better when humans are involved in data collection, annotation, and validation. Millions of data points can be gathered by AI systems, but if the AI algorithm is not properly trained, this data is meaningless. Data needs to be annotated by humans in order to rectify AI’s errors and expand its vocabulary. Artificial intelligence tools are significantly more powerful than humans, yet without human interaction leads, input and direction, these AI systems produce outcomes that are inconsistent or erroneous.


AI can only do so much on its own without a set of guidelines or a comprehensive plan. Yes, AI is capable of learning new things on its own, but as we’ve already stated, even its learning process needs to be directed by a human. Therefore, the responsibility of humans in governance is to make sure AI models follow the law and apply it in a way that is consistent with their training. However, training and following the regulations are only the beginning of human oversight. The outcomes generated by AI must also be subject to human oversight. Making sure the outcomes are consistent with expectations is the main objective. This inspection can aid in discovering data biases and training errors.


Video ThumbnailMachines are incapable of feeling sympathy. In order to train AI models and machine learning algorithms to take the compassionate aspect of mankind into consideration, human intervention is required.

Although artificial intelligence is a potent tool, it won’t be of much use to humans if they can’t make decisions that are kind and considerate. Watch our Webcast on “Selecting the Right Process for Automation”

Final Thoughts

Though a wonderful advancement, artificial intelligence cannot fully replace humans. The need for human monitoring will increase as AI develops in sophistication. Contact an app development partner if you’re curious about how your company may utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. Although artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool, human participation will always be required to guarantee successful outcomes.

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Even though humans now want longevity through AI, they cannot allow AI to run autonomously without human supervision because machines will always be robots and lack moral or social sense. AI is only as good as the data it is trained on, which may itself be biased or represent the creators’ cognitive processes or moral principles. To avoid such occurrences, it is vital to train AI using various data sets, while also implementing human checks to preserve the delicate balance.

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