Royal Cyber’s Custom Solutions for HCL Commerce

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

HCL Commerce is a popular B2B and B2C customizable eCommerce platform that facilitates the creation of dynamic digital storefronts. It offers an integrated development environment with several customization options and rich functionalities that make it the best fit for eCommerce solutions. Royal Cyber is a trusted HCL Commerce partner and has designed custom HCL Commerce solutions to help clients enhance their business by addressing the potential hurdles. Read this blog to learn about some of the top HCL Commerce solutions built by Royal Cyber over the years.

Mirakl Marketplace Integration with HCL Commerce

A retail store based in Mexico, was looking to modify its existing B2B eCommerce website to a full-fledged marketplace allowing merchants beyond the store to list their products and complete orders. For this, we created an end-to-end solution that enabled the client to use Mirakl and Dell Boomi’s integration for order and marketing campaign promotion catalog APIs. The main highlights of the implementation include

  • Quick transactions with reduced errors
  • Detailed error reporting for data load and order management
  • End-to-end automated solution with no manual data loads required

BOPIS (Buy Online-Pickup in-store) Implementation

An online and brick-and-mortar store that supplies outdoor recreation apparel and gear needed to include BOPIS in the checkout process and allow the customers to choose a delivery mode, including Ship to Store & Pickup at Store for all their products. We created a new delivery mode that displays the store locator popup on the Product Display and Checkout pages. When the user selects the colour and size attributes, the available quantity is displayed on the store locator popup against each store listed based on the entered zip code.

One Logon

An American lifestyle retailer, faced challenges in managing multiple accounts and logons based on the geographical location of the users. We leveraged the Microsoft Azure-Cosmos database to externalize and maintain customer information. We also created a microservice to sync customer account information from HCL Commerce to the Cosmos database.

3D Configurator Implementation

A wholesale sports apparel company serving customers since 1977 was looking for a solution that allowed customers to configure the sports jersey with the design, colour, team, and roster decoration in a 3D view. We implemented a 3D configurator for the client that enabled the customers to personalize the team uniform easily and view the configurations in 3D.

Search Spring Implementation

We integrated Search Spring with HCL Commerce, which enabled the users to locate the products they needed by sending the product data to Search Spring. The Search Spring APIs replaced the SOLR calls in the product landing and search pages, offering the users a seamless HCL Commerce search experience.

Drop Ship API Implementation

A wholesale sports apparel company wanted to fulfill products to B2B customers using APIs. We integrated the Drop Ship APIs to allow the vendors to check live inventory, fulfill orders, and track the order status.

Migration from HCL Commerce V7 to V8

To boost the shopping experience for customers, we helped a sports apparel company migrate from HCL Commerce Version 7 to Version 8. The company now operates a single storefront with a significant increase in sales and revenue.

POPinS (Pick up In-Store)

An American lifestyle retailer based in New Albany, Ohio faced difficulties when the customer proceeded to the wrong store to pick up the order. Our team implemented the following strategies to address their problems

AI-Powered Site Search Solution

The AI-powered Site Search Solution deploys Natural Language Search and Machine Learning to offer personalized searches and recommendations. The solution offers advanced features such as Semantic Search, Stemming, Product Recommendation, Self-Learning, and Personalized Merchandising, which offer improved search accuracy, AI-enabled content management, and personalized customer experiences.

Single Page Application (SPA) Editor

The SPA is a web-based application that preloads in the web browser and eliminates the need to reload web pages. It offers headless content delivery and reloads appropriate content for each user interaction, ensuring a seamless user experience.

SubCom Enabler

Acronym for Subscription Commerce, SubCom is an addon-based eCommerce solution that enables buyers to create subscription orders by selecting the products, quantity, and shipment duration. It empowers B2B and B2C customers to increase sales, expand the customer base, and enhance revenue. We designed a plug-and-play solution that integrates popular eCommerce platforms such as commercetools, SAP Hybris Commerce, HCL Commerce, and Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Are you looking to design futuristic eCommerce tools for business users? If yes, Royal Cyber offers high-grade design, development and integration services to fulfill the ever-evolving customer needs and deliver the best omnichannel experiences. Feel free to contact our certified HCL experts to know more.

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