Monitor, Identify, and Remediate Risk with ServiceNow GRC

Prevent Business Disruptions and Mitigate Risks

Manage Risk with Integrated Risk Management Platform by ServiceNow

ServiceNow specializes in managing risk in the enterprise by implementing the governance, risk, and compliance process. With GRC, companies can identify high-impact risks, manage vendor risk, draw up audit plans, manage regulatory compliance, and ensure business resilience in the long run. The software provides continuous monitoring and automation to improve compliance and risk management, improve decision-making, and boost organizational performance. In addition, only ServiceNow applications can link business security with a robust security management system that transforms manual, siloed, and unreliable processes into unified software developed on one platform.

ServiceNow GRC

Benefits Of ServiceNow GRC

  • Get integrated risk management solutions.
  • Prevent vendor risk with ServiceNow vendor risk management.
  • Make IT governance simpler with audit and risk management.
  • Respond to business risks in real-time.
  • Easily test and maintain compliance management.
  • Improve strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Get risk identification, assessment, and automated scores to improve decision-making.

Who Can Use ServiceNow GRC?

Risk Managers

Monitor risk management activities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance Managers

Monitor compliance activities, manage audits, and ensure employees are trained and aware of compliance requirements.

IT Managers

Track and manage security incidents and vulnerabilities to manage IT risks.

Legal Professionals

Compliance teams can manage legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

ServiceNow GRC Capabilities

Meet Your Governance, Risk, and Compliance Needs with Now Platform

Vendor Risk Management

Policy & Compliance Management

Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

Operational Risk Management

Continuous Authorization and Monitoring

Operational Resilience Management

Privacy Management

Royal Cyber for ServiceNow GRC

An overview of the help we provide as ServiceNow Partners

Provide Expert Service with Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Implement Creative, Customized Risk and Compliance Managing Policies.

Achieve Business Objectives with ServiceNow GRC

Optimize your IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Processes

Effectively Identify Key Risk Indicators and Automate the Remediation Process

Make repetitive tasks redundant, saving time and cost

Ensure standard asset policies and regulatory requirements

Our ServiceNow Implementation Process


Our team identifies areas that can benefit from ServiceNow GRC services and features.


Help your team adopt the ServiceNow GRC platform as part of your integrated risk program and business continuity plan.


Provide ongoing management and support services for troubleshooting, essential support services, upgrades, etc.

Why Royal Cyber for ServiceNow GRC?

  • 10+ years implementing ServiceNow specialty solutions.
  • With our consulting and implementation services, companies can leverage ServiceNow GRC to create unified risk management and prevent non-compliance.
  • Scale governance, risk, and compliance capabilities to organizational strategic and functional needs.
  • Our team can guide your compliance teams and IT to implement and successfully manage ServiceNow’s integrated risk and compliance management platform.

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