Zowe Explorer: A Modern Interface for Mainframe Development
Discover the power of Zowe Explorer, a revolutionary toolset that bridges the gap between traditional mainframe interfaces and modern IT practices.
Our comprehensive whitepaper dives deep into the world of Zowe Explorer, the graphical user interface for mainframe systems.
Learn how Zowe Explorer:
  • Modernizes User Experience: Say goodbye to complex, text-based interfaces and embrace an intuitive, graphical interface.
  • Reduces Learning Curve: Empower newcomers to mainframe systems with an easy-to-learn interface.
  • Boosts Productivity: Streamline tasks with visual tools for managing jobs, datasets, networking, APIs, and coding.
  • Enhances Collaboration: Facilitate teamwork and knowledge sharing among diverse IT backgrounds.
  • Connects with Modern IT: Bridge the gap between mainframe and modern applications with an integrated API catalog.
  • Attracts New Talent: Attract fresh talent to mainframe roles with a user-friendly interface.
  • Supports Transformation: Align with digital transformation by promoting agile mainframe management.
Join the future of mainframe technology. Download our whitepaper to unlock the potential of Zowe Explorer and stay ahead in the ever-evolving mainframe landscape. Top of Form

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