IBM has announced the withdrawal of Sterling Connect: Enterprise support by April 30, 2016. This compulsory change has created an opportunity to shift to a more advanced technology which offers better service, ease of operation and better scale to meet future requirements.

Why Replace Connect: Enterprise?

Why Replace Connect: Enterprise?

  • End of life for Connect: Enterprise by April 30, 2016.
  • IBM will stop supporting the system that’s running your critical B2B processes.
  • The financial and production cost for trying to maintain the current deployment past its end-of-life date can accelerate intensely.
  • Every organization looks to be more agile and stay ahead of the competition.

How Royal Cyber can Support?

  • Continued support of the Connect: Enterprise product which includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and file transfer management.
  • Assisting you through staff augmentation by freeing up internal resources for other projects
  • Assessment of the Connect: Enterprise solution within your business and make way to optimize the present product
  • Monitoring and reporting of key performance metrics and analysis of all file transfer blocks or issues
  • Evaluation of migration or assist in alternatives that align with business goals
  • Develop a solution architecture and design strategy that will complement existing infrastructure
  • Implementation planning, which includes project management, installation, configuration, testing, training subject to your business requirements

Our Recommendation for Migration

IBM is guiding Sterling Connect: Enterprise users to migrate to Sterling File Gateway solution. The Sterling File Gateway product is IBM’s premier B2B platform.

  • Sterling File Gateway offers a centralized platform for all your B2B file transfers.
  • Its powerful business process provides enterprises the flexibility and power to meet their changing business needs.
  • The Sterling File Gateway administration console gives users the ability to search files and generate associated file statistics.
  • The IBM Sterling File Gateway solution includes experts for quick partner onboarding.
  • It supports both recent and established B2B protocols along with multiple encryption and security standards.
  • A robust and powerful business process engine that allows for content and meta-data routing with laid-back routing rules.
  • It is supported across various platforms, can be clustered, and is highly scalable.
Why Royal Cyber?

Why Royal Cyber?

  • Royal Cyber takes prides in devouring a wealth of experience with migration projects and has a very strong track record of projects in this space.
  • We will schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our Architects to help you evaluate and get you ready for migration.
  • Royal Cyber will provide a solution as well as guide to replace your critical B2B data integration.
  • Leveraging our years of experience in this space, we will be able to compare your business processes in par with industry’s best practices to benchmarks and determine ways to improve your operations.