Authentication and Authorization using OAuth 2.0

A Custom Authorization Server implementation with Spring-Security-OAuth framework

If you are looking for your applications to be single sign-on along with the ability to allow user signing on using social sites then you are on the right place to get the knowledge about OAuth 2.0.

The security is essential for every application. However, it is getting necessary nowadays to give users access to the application using social network websites. For instance Facebook, twitter and Google etc.

Our developed solution is giving all these abilities in one stop. OAuth is an authorization server however, for authorization one must be authenticated first. The Authentication deals with information about "who one is". The Authorization deals with information about "who grants what permissions to whom". Keeping these two concepts in mind, we can discuss the advantages of our solution,

  • Provide seamless authentication to the applications
  • Provide the authorization service to all the applications
  • Provide multiple sign-on options
  • Provide a single sign-on server
  • Provide shared session for all the applications
  • Assign the role to the user.
  • Assign the details of user in the security perspective, in case of new user create a basic profile for him.
  • Track login attempts for auditing purpose.

Challenges one can face in developing this solution from scratch

  • A lot use cases need to keep in mind while implementing the solution
  • Hiring hard core Java developers
  • Testing the implemented code will be much cumbersome
  • Maintaining the code will be difficult
  • No one will be available to provide the support
  • You have to build the team who can research and implement the solution

What benefits Royal Cyber can provide you

  • The solution is designed with best practices
  • We will help you to add any use case specific to you need
  • Provide the support after the implementation
  • We have seasoned developer to help any issue users may face
  • We keep on updating the code as per industry standards, therefore, at any point you want this solution implemented will be the most updated version.

Solution use case (details where the solution can be used)

Everyone has many web applications used by his customers. It is very cumbersome and difficult to maintain the authentication of each application separately. This is where our solution jump into the picture, as an example we have an email client and a timesheet application used by the users. If every time user has to sign-in to each application separately this will affect his productive. However, it will be a good idea if user is signed-on in email, he should be directly see himself signed-in to the timesheet application.

Furthermore, if a new user is joining then we will able to give him at least a basic access using social services, later we can add him properly our database.

Lastly, the security in the solution will allow you to monitor who is logging in, when and from where.

We at royal cyber develop a much customized solution to fulfill your needs in this regards. Feel free to contact us.

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