IBM Digital Analytics

IBM Digital Analytics is a provider of digital marketing optimization solutions and web analytics and has been one of the key vendors in web analytics industry since the raise of web analytics. The solutions are designed for generating high return for online marketing investments. In 2010, IBM acquired Coremetrics, making it part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative. As the world has become more and more interconnected, instrumented and infused with intelligence, a new breed of customer has emerged: the empowered customer. They are empowered by the latest technology, increased business transparency and great amounts of information. They expect to engage with companies when and how they want, either in person, or using online and mobile means. And they want these methods to work together seamlessly. They can share their experiences with the whole world and have also access to the experiences of all the other empowered customers. It’s not anymore enough for companies to merely react to customers’ needs and preferences, they have to predict them. For this reason they need to understand the motivation behind customers’ buying decisions. IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative was made to deliver software and services to help companies transform their business processes to ones more suitable for the empowered customer. IBM Digital Analytics, formerly called Coremetrics, became the integrated web analytics solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM WebSphere Portal. Through the fusion of customer profiles, digital marketing execution and testing, and web analytics, a solution called IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Suite was born. It offers many different tools and features such as:
  • Cross-channel real time analytics and reporting for evaluating marketing effectiveness
  • Personalized customer experience based on their lifetime interaction with the business, delivering highly targeted ads and recommendations
  • Comparative benchmarks and intelligence about the performance of peers and competitors
  • PPC management tool for monitoring PPC campaigns or automated bid management
All the tools and features are available as part of products in the cloud-based IBM Digital Analytics application which is accessed with a web browser. The application has an easy to use interface and enables the optimization of web presence and digital marketing channels with flexible and intuitive analytics dashboards, benchmarking and reports. Also visit our IBM Digital Analytics Implementation Services page for more details or make an inquiry.

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