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Smarter Marketing for the Connected Customers

E-Commerce today, is not just about buying and selling. It's a phenomenon that incorporates aggressive marketing, personalized targeting, understanding customer behavior, quick and agile customer servicing and working with numbers, trends and surveys. E-Commerce has become a multi-dimensional entity. Just as companies would require different vendors to become most competitive, their marketers require an enormous number of tools to get them enough spotlights to remain visible. Royal Cyber's Enterprise Marketing Management team facilitates its clients to choose from best of the best tools for Cross Channel Marketing, Digital Analytics & Customer Experience Management. So no matter if you are marketing offline or online, inbound or outbound, though Emails or by SMS, or if you are troubled by Website Usability Issues or Analytics, we are there to understand your needs.

Cross Channel Marketing Solutions

In order for business to grow and achieve success in today's ever rapidly evolving world of marketing, it is vital for organizations to incorporate proven marketing solutions. IBM is ranked as a leader for its marketing solutions. Be it email marketing or search marketing, personalization or event based marketing or even lead management, IBM facilitates marketers to develop a timely, relevant and responsive communication system. With the help of IBM cross-channel marketing solutions, an organization can communicate to millions of users at the right time with relevant message based on user's interests through the right channel. IBM has acquired Unica (a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions) which is now a part of Enterprise Marketing Management group at IBM. IBM Unica framework has been divided into key strategic categories of concern to the marketer.
  • Awareness: Analysis of customer activities to discover what they are looking for
  • Centralized Decisioning: Transformation of customer activities into action. It allows building campaigns that can be deployed across all of the customer touch points (Websites, Emails, etc).
  • XChannel Execution: Delivery of campaign offers through variety of channels (Web content, SMS, email) and facilitating ways to manage interactions of marketers with customers
In order to achieve the potential of cross channel marketing, IBM offers following solutions:
  • IBM Campaign
  • IBM Contact Optimization
  • IBM Customer Insight
  • IBM Distributed Marketing
  • IBM Email Optimization
  • IBM eMessage
  • IBM Interact
  • IBM Leads
  • IBM Opportunity Detection
  • IBM Predictive Insight

Customer Experience Solutions

Customer experience management (CEM) is the collection of processes that a company uses to track, oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal of CEM is to optimize interactions from the customer's perspective and, as a result, foster customer loyalty. Tealeaf is an IBM based Customer experience management suite, that provides you an access to customer's interactions between your web & mobile portals. Like a camera over your customer's shoulder, it provides you similar visuals that were experienced by the customers. Our implementation will empower e-businesses to See & Analyze what Customers have experienced and help optimize & strategize your businesses accordingly. E-Businesses can now have an additional layer of visibility between them and their users. Capture and Replay details of customers' visits and find out errors and/or usability issues on web or mobile portals and get deeper insights on the impacts that transaction failures leads to business process. Customer Behavior: The goal is to enhance customer experience, to understand this, it is necessary to observe the behavior of customer. The WHY Part: It helps you to have a keen overview of, why that problem happened, and knowing the why part is essential in resolving the issue. Visibility Guaranteed: You can view what customers are up to, what they are facing and experiencing on your portal directly from the business end. Access to Live Sessions: This empowers you to see what customer is experiencing in real time. Customer Service Optimization: Efficiently cater the needs of every customer. Become Proactive! Usability Issues: Identify usability issues instantly by locating the bugs in your application. Bring you own CRM: You can integrate the CEM suit with your current CRM suite as well, and send Conflicts directly from the CRM. More than just Experience: Get into the deep understanding of your online customers to enable cross-channel business decisions.

Digital Analytics Solutions

E-Commerce Portals create a huge amount of analytical data. Unless this data cannot be portrayed in an actionable and easy to understand format, its usability become questionable. With Coremetrics, your data is compiled into an easy to use interface with a level of report customization that can be modified to meet the need on any business in any industry. Coremetrics is the leading provider of on-demand web analytics and precision marketing solutions, offering businesses only web analytics platform that captures and stores all customer and visitor 'clickstream' activity to build LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles. Representing the single most accurate and comprehensive source of online customer data, LIVE Profiles serve as the foundation for all successful eBusiness initiatives. Leading online brands rely on Coremetrics LIVE Profiles to monitor and optimize the performance of multiple marketing campaigns, improve cross sell and multichannel initiatives, and precisely target customers through intelligent marketing campaigns.   Royal Cyber provides consultation & implementation services for IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Suite. Fill up an Inquiry Form now and we will contact you ASAP.

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