Digital Analytics Implementation for Aqua Hospitality

Aqua hospitality approached Royal Cyber Inc for a customized digital analytic implementation of IBM Digital Analytics (formerly IBM Coremetrics) for their newly developed enterprise portals. With royal cyber, they have now set up a strong foundation and are now running an enterprise level website i.e. various brand and their child websites under one umbrella with customized digital analytics tags. AQUA HOSPITALITY AT A GLIMPSE TYPE OF BUSINESS: HOSPITALITY LOCATION: US HAWAII REGION SERVICES: TOURISM & HOSPITALITY, HOTEL RESERVATION


Aqua Hospitality is a Hawaii-based management company founded in 2001. Headquartered in Waikiki, the company provides independent hoteliers and individual owners with full-service management including sales, marketing, internet distribution, individualized branding, reservations as well as revenue management to maximize profitability.


Due to Aqua Hospitality’s business model, majority of their clients use their website for reservation purpose. Keeping up with the behavior of these clients was an important aspect to be covered in analytics on the newly built multi-site environment. These sites were comprised of multiple menus, and Aqua wanted to know how their sites are being browsed & by using which menus. Analytics about various forms on website were ambiguous. Aqua also wanted to be clear on when and where certain events were being raised. Along with all these requirements, they also wanted to make sure that the user life- cycle can also be mapped to analytics, throughout all websites including the third party reservation system. The Analytics development team was supposed to provide a platform built into their portals backend where their team can easily make changes to adjust page naming, product mapping, event activity and user information gathering.


Royal Cyber Digital Analytics Implementation team helped Aqua Hospitality by making applicable changes to their website and backend without modifying the website’s functionality to incorporate much needed new functionalities. Royal Cyber provided a hierarchal view of every site and hotel booking as independent/hierarchical entity to provide both deep dive and shallow dip reports. The backend of the portals were appended to give space to new options while keeping the old functionality intact making sure that Aqua team can easily make changes to Page Naming Conventions & Product Categorization through easy to use text boxes while Event Execution & User information gathering could be initiated by selection of check boxes making it easier to manage for current and all new sites to come in future. Royal Cyber Implementation Team also made sure that the newly developed changes would not degrade page loading times.


Royal Cyber's Digital Analytics team is a group of miracle workers when it comes to Web Analytics Implementations. When our web analytics implementation project threatened to stall due to web design coding delays, Royal Cyber's Team was able to quickly interpret my tagging matrix and implement more than 3000+ pages of tracking tags and set up standard reporting for IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) within 2 weeks (normally an 8 week project!). They picked up our business goals very quickly and and they even managed to find a few web design coding errors along the way that helped us to avoid customer dissatisfaction. I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs to fully place a web analytics implementation project fully in the hands of a master and trust it will be done right. Lisa Bankston, Corporate Director, Online Marketing (2012 -- 2014)

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