Customer Experience Management with IBM Tealeaf

There was a time when businesses relied on their physical presence to attract customers and for daily productivity. Now it’s the era of digital advertising, online marketing, selling, and procurement. Most of the physical activities have stepped into the digital world. Customers usually create the first impression of businesses by visiting the web portal associated with that business. It is therefore, very important to have a proper online presence and preferably, a system to deal with the customers online, which is referred to as e-commerce. In e-commerce, buying and selling is performed on internet, online or on the go, so for a business to enhance expeditiously, it must know, some crucial and substantial information about the customer, that deals directly or indirectly with the business. The way; traditionally, Business was/is carried out, that has a rigid existence provides business with the opportunity to trace, locate and re-locate the experience of the customer, and also the few other aspects, that helps you keep track the status of the potential customer of the business, is quite different from how user is dealt in the online world; Here comes the part of Customer Experience Management to be in action, it is a complete suite, specifically designed to analyze, evaluate, keep track / record or in actual the summation of all the experiences that User/Customer had in his lifecycle on a particular time, over a particular point in a way that helps effectively a business on an e-commerce one-stop portal. The customer Experience management term, is now getting The Most popular, and familiar among the business analysts and commentators nowadays, even those who one way or the other are involved with the customer relationship management (CRM).

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience (CX) Management is a process that sums up all the experiences that a user had or currently having during the visit over a particular e-commerce application in achieving each and any service or product offered by some Business, with the help of but not limited to; interaction and collaboration. It provides an understanding of how to deliver effective online solutions and better serve your online customers, by a "VIEW" that gives the business an insight of the Customer's Perspective. It is about controlling and tracking Loyalty, streamlined and profit streams. This all could be achieved by having a deep insight of your infrastructure with what the customer on your website perceived it and in what manner. Tealeaf helps its users to have an insight of what users are actually doing on the e-commerce platform. Consider, the following scenarios:

Was that an Abandonment, or YOU led a Conversion to an Abandonment?

Consider, a number of customers received a complimentary discount code, as a retention policy, because the customers made a shopping worth XXX $ amount , and are the most frequent customers. While a huge number of customers, checked out successfully, a dozens of the customers, when came to the website to use that coupon, they got an error: "INVALID CODE", now the first thing that could click in the mind is the negative impact of the business. No, matter even if it was a flaw of the usability, a mistake or whatsoever. The sale was lost which ultimately leads to increase in the abandonment rate. Tealeaf provides you with alerts trigged by events when a specific threshold is reached. You can set the threshold value, like when 5 customers see same/some MESSAGE/EROR, generate an alert.

Is everything working as planned or you overlooking it?

Consider a scenario, with in your checkout process, the billing and the shipping information part has few fields which are mandatory, but are not applicable to a few areas, whom you did not addressed in particular. This could lead to sign up issues with customers belonging to this area and the issue remains unnoticed. Tealeaf empowers you to have visually replay the sessions and search or check why so many customers leave after they reach specifically on Payment/Shipment method page. Find out the obstacles that you should have taken care of but went unnoticed.

Strategy; Efficiently & Effectively

Consider, 4 marketing campaigns were launched simultaneously in parallel, so when analyzing the revenue, it is usually a difficult task to evaluate , what campaign brought you the highest return, For example, 75% of the audience was brought by campaign 1, campaign 2 brought 20% of it, campaign 3 and 4 brought 5% altogether. The traditional analytics can provide you with information regarding the success of different campaigns for example number visitors each campaign brought to your website or total sales generated by each but Tealeaf provides you more than that. Tealeaf can show if a campaign did not do good, why it didn’t served well. Were there any usability issues or visibility issues. Tealeaf gives you the ability to see the website from the user perspective, it gives you what and why aspect on your website, so you can easily quantify, what were the reasons of Success and failures of a particular thing running on your website.   For more information on IBM Tealeaf visit Customer Experience Management page or make an Inquiry

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