Test Automation Is Required For Agile and DevOps Success

The demand for software is growing over the years with no probable end in vision. Most of the leading organizations are responding faster with more productive means of delivering innovative applications by adopting DevOps. Most of them invest a significant amount of resources in transforming Development and Operations regarding training, tooling, and coaching.

For many enterprises, adopting DevOps means spending a significant amount of resources in Development and Operations. The point is that manual testing is insufficient. Large teams of manual testers are everywhere in companies who see testing as a late addition. This, without doubt, holds back the ability to scale up testing, eventually creating slog on the whole product cycle. Test automation turns out to be a hot topic once the organization identifies that testing is stocking the organization back. QA usually responds by trying to automate more tests through their legacy testing processes and tools. DevOps is intended to support a culture where development and operations come together to build, test and deploy applications to shrink the deployment time.

From QA testers to test automation engineers

Test automation is a hard skill to acquire. It’s technically complex and the main drawback for the majority of the DevOps projects. A test automation engineer needs to have a good understanding of not only application functionality but the underlying technical background, test automation tool, and to create scripts in parallel with development. They also must know how scripts can be implemented with the help of CI/CD tools to collaborate well with development and operations.

Royal Cyber’s DevOps Style

Royal Cyber’s development and test automation engineers toil their time together to support the automation tester to develop test scripts and get the most out of the test coverage. The scripts and code, supported by CI/CD tools, are used to generate builds automatically, deploy them and test them.

It may be challenging, but it’s worth it. DevOps brings value to the whole business into making better software faster. Getting test automation precise is one of the solid indicator that you are established in DevOps & agile operations.

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