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Enterprise Single Sign on Solution

“Reduce costs, simplify access and audit access to applications with single sign-on”

The Situation and Challenge

With an increasing number of enterprise applications and access points, organizations face the challenge of providing convenient access while ensuring strong security. Enterprises need software to help ensure that the right users have access to the right information in a timely manner. Password management has become a significant burden to both organizations and employees, and leads to reduced user productivity, higher help desk costs, and security and compliance exposures.

Even more importantly, poor password selection and management by employees represents one of the biggest corporate security weaknesses today. Employees often write down their passwords in unsecured locations, use common words like “password” as their password and share their passwords with coworkers.

Tivoli Guru helps organizations to implement the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On (TAM E-SSO) solution which provides simple authentication capability across applications.

Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On delivers a simple, flexible and complete identity and access management solution at the enterprise end points. It combines enterprise single sign-on with strong authentication, and audit and compliance services, while integrating seamlessly with provisioning and directory services, with no change to your existing infrastructure.

Our Comprehensive Solution:

  • It helps automate single sign-on, enhances security with automatic password management, and extends audit and reporting capabilities in a quick, simple-to-deploy solution
  • Acts as an integral part of the IBM security identity management portfolio for Microsoft Windows, Web, Java™, UNIX® (Telnet), in-house developed, and host-based mainframe applications
  • Works in congruence with both IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager to provide a robust solution that address the issue of password clutter throughout the enterprise
  • Supports different types of user authentication from password to smart cards to biometrics, and can store user credentials and its own system settings and policies in any LDAP directory or one of several databases
  • Operates from an administrative console that simplifies administrative tasks by automatically recognizing and configuring applications for sign-on with minimal effort by the administrator
  • Offers users simple enterprise single sign-on while connected or disconnected to the corporate network, roaming between computers, or sharing a kiosk with multiple users
  • Helps eliminate users’ need to manage passwords, add user sign-on data to audit and reporting capabilities, and generate quick payback and high return on investment with a solution that is quick to deploy and reduces help desk costs