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Achieve End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility & Insights using Monitor Pro

Supply Chain Visibility

360o View Inside Supply Chain Business with

Real Time Monitoring & ML Capabilities

A massive amount of critical information flows through B2B middleware integration systems, and file transfer every day. Ensuring it is error free and flows seamlessly is essential to the health of your business and its relationships.

In this webinar, we will show Live Demo of Monitor Pro, our AI-Powered Monitor Pro, offers detailed reporting capabilities to track and monitor incoming and outgoing EDI B2B transactions, at the same time alerting you to failures and unforeseen events in real-time so you can quickly identify and resolve issues.

  • Centralized Visibility & Control Across Multiple Solutions
  • Rapid Response to Inquires & Easy Error Remediation
  • Track, Trace & Analyze the Funnel
  • Actionable Reports and Valuable Insights
  • Live Demo – Provide Granular and Lifecycle view into Transaction Pipeline
Pranita Narvekar

Pranita Narvekar

System Analyst
e-Commerce Services
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Our visibility portal provides companies a unique level of visibility, control, & insight across their critical information, systems & partners
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