Create Value in Competitive B2B Markets Using B2B Integration

Written by Teeyah Seetharam

Consultant - Digital Marketing

B2Bi Adds Value to Your Business

We have highlighted a basic use case to help you better understand what B2Bi can do for your business. Let’s consider a company having a typical B2Bi solution to interact with multiple stakeholders including, suppliers, customers, bank and logistics service providers, among others.

The typical B2Bi solution that we are talking about supports diverse protocols, applications, transfer of documents in multiple formats, security policies and open standards. This provides the company control on all the complex behind-the-scenes work, reducing manual errors and saving a lot of time.

Three common use case each B2B integration are:

  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Process & Workflow Management
  • Managed File Transfer

B2B Marketplaces: eCommerce is not the future; it is today. Even before the pandemic, companies have been selling products online directly to customers as well as other vendors, an example is Amazon. Vendors can either sell their products to Amazon, for Amazon to sell it to its customers. Or sellers can use the Amazon platform to sell directly to customers. Both these approaches need robust B2B integration set up to integrate the back end system. The back end can be an EDI (electronic data interchange) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, but it cannot connect to the marketplace on its own.

Process & Workflow Management: Enterprises don’t share a common workflow framework or definitions across projects for multiple reasons including knowledge protection. And, more often than not trading partner specific business rules are much different than in-house teams. Participating in B2B integration can help your company establish distributed inter-organizational workflows for both private and public processes while protecting competitive knowledge. B2Bi will facilitate end-to-end, secure flow of accurate and correct data into your process and workflows - automating more and more of your supply chain and business processes.

Managed File Transfer: B2Bi expedites powerful automated file transfer solutions. In addition, it also provides detailed auditing and reporting tools, shortening time-to-market and product life cycles. Whether it is small video files or large CAD files, proper B2Bi can radically transform the exchange of critical information, from any storage location, at any time, regardless of transfer distance or network conditions with internal and external recipients.

If you’re still not sure about B2Bi, we have listed out benefits based on industry type, read on and see how it will help your organization.

Time to Benefit with B2Bi Your Company Needs It

If your company is NOT using B2B Integration (B2Bi), then let us tell you that it is the most essential step even before you start selling, transacting, and doing business with customers.

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Benefits Based on Industry Type


A modern B2Bi solution can securely connect and manage a controlled ecosystem consisting of hospitals, doctor's offices, labs, and insurance providers, among other healthcare facilities. It can replace a Value-Added Network (VAN), automating EDI-heavy insurance enrollments, claims, payment processes, and more. Primarily it eliminates human intervention, reduces manual administration burden and costly errors.


Use B2Bi to ensure accurate, timely delivery of everything from purchase orders to advance ship notices. Integrating with warehouse management systems will ensure the error-free processing of orders. Automating communication and eliminating paper-based processes will also improve collaboration with suppliers and carriers, faster turnaround times, and effective change handling.


Trade more effectively with your customers, suppliers, and business partners by automating the conversion of X12 documents to an XML format that your ERP application can handle. Digitizing information will quicken its route through your organization's trading ecosystem, reducing chargebacks, time, and fees.


B2Bi will not only increase the efficiency and speed of your supply chain by enabling the exchange of customer and supplier information over multiple SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connections. It will reduce the amount of inventory held, shorten order processing and delivery cycles.

Financial Services:

Establish a connection between numerous banks and brokerage and gain real-time visibility. Confident to face numerous technology-related challenges by gaining robust security, governance, and audit trail capabilities and meeting customer expectations effectively.

What is Next for B2Bi?

If your company does not have the time or resources for B2B integration, the best approach will be to employ a seasoned integration team.

Putting their experience to work, B2Bi integration providers will help you achieve frictionless, fluid interactions between and among systems, applications, and professionals. You will gain visibility into your business's workings, make decisions based on data, be prepared to adapt to changes, add new services when required, and increase value and meet customer demands in a timely manner.

Most importantly, such a flexible business ecosystem with real-time insights will certainly drive revenue.

Work With Companies Like Royal Cyber

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