Distance Learning Training

Rational Developer for System z.

Rational Developer for System z provides System z developers with tools for traditional mainframe development and integrated mixed workloads. Remember it’s not just about the tool but the whole process & how you make use of your assets and tools to achieve your goals . So take help from World’s Best Consultants of RDz , Learn Best Practices , fine tune your processes , environment and achieve the desired productivity from RDz.

RDz - Features
  • Lower development cost
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased application quality
RDz Distance Learning
  • Improve z/OS application
  • Save time and money
  • Bridging Development
  • Reuse existing applications
Royal Cyber RDz Services
  • Custom Development
  • SCM Integration
  • Complete Integration
  • Integration with RAA, RTCz

Royal Cyber Plugins, Tools & Components

Property Group Composer
A plug-in that automates the creation and management of your Property Group SYSLIB function – critical to your RDz rollout success.
Reusable Code

A collection of COBOL, SQL, JCL, MVS Utility and Assembler code fragments with parameterized variables for quality reuse.

Custom Statement Templates

A collection of COBOL, SQL, JCL, MVS Utility and Assembler RDz statement templates – Content Assist enabled.

Common COBOL & JCL Regex Templates

A set of simple to sophisticated Regular Expressions, which can be used to simplify and accelerate application analysis.

Custom COBOL Code Review Rules

Plug-ins that extend RDz’s Eclipse and JCL/Batch code review and standards checking functionality for run-time performance and maintain-ability.

RDz Custom

A set of our most popular RDz/Eclipse Workspace designs – from contemporary/Goth to Green-screen/Dino Both look & feel and functional settings.