Software Configuration and Change Management

Process Implementation & Customization

We have experienced team who can work with your development team (including managers, developers, testers, analyst etc) and develop effective development process using state-of-the-art solutions including Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearCase and Rational Synergy. We offer installation and configuration of these tools on different platforms including Windows, linux, Z and Power systems.

Build Management

All these tools provide build automation feature which allows developers and integration engineers to setup automated builds. Ant, Maven and other build engines are pre-build so you don’t have to rewrite the build scripts. All you can do is to re-use existing build scripts with any of these tools. We team can help your organization to develop build creation process in conjunction with other SCM activities.

Code Migration

Using existing migration utilities available, our team is experienced in migration of the existing code base from CVS or other SCM tools without losing the history.

Rational Tool Kit for Software Configuration and Change Management Consulting

Software Change and Configuration plays vital role in any software development organization or department. Our change and configuration experts can provide consultancy, implementation, installation and training services to your organization in following tolls

Software Change Management

Managing the change is the great issue with large or even medium scale teams, especially when they are geographically distributed and handling with huge code base and other development artifacts. Rational tools designed for change management allow IT organizations to control, communicate and respond more effectively to the changing need of the business. These tools are highly customizable to fit with your need and well integrated with rational SCM solution like Rational ClearCase, Rational Team Concert and Rational Synergy.


During the assessment process our consultant reviews your existing change management environment and performs the gap analysis to overcome the existing issue in the process.

Process Customization

Based on our assessment process outcomes our team customize the rational tools to best fit with your needs. Tools are highly customizable and allow administrators to change or create new workflows, modifications and development of new forms to capture change.

SCM Integration

Rational Change Management tools provide seamless integration with other SCM solutions like ClearCase or Synergy. This integration provides ability to associate your change requests or other change management artifacts with SCM activities. Our team will setup this integration and provide the collaborative development process to interlink SCM and Change Management activities.