ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management: Path to Advanced Project Management

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ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), formerly ServiceNow ITBM, helps companies move from traditional project portfolio management (PPM). SPM aligns strategy, planning, and delivery to deliver expected business outcomes by successfully managing business priorities, building business capabilities, and successfully implementing agile development. With Strategic Portfolio Management, companies can achieve true organizational agility by enabling them to plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies and structures.

Roadmap Business Strategy
Align Resource Investments
Deliver Value Faster
ServiceNow ITBM

Why Do Businesses Need ServiceNow SPM (formerly ITBM)?

Improved Portfolio Performance: Strategic Portfolio Management (ServiceNow SPM) empowers you to optimize your portfolio performance and maximize the return on investment.

Increased Efficiency: ServiceNow SPM streamlines the strategic portfolio management process, reduces paperwork, and enables better communication, which leads to increased efficiency.

Enhanced Visibility: Strategic Portfolio Management offers end-to-end visibility for business leaders into the portfolio performance, which helps you make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Collaboration and Alignment: SPM tools facilitate cross-functional collaboration and align stakeholders around the strategic portfolio objectives, leading to better business outcomes.

Lower Risk: Strategic Portfolio Management (ServiceNow SPM) enables you to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks, reducing risk exposure and improving investor confidence.

Strategic Portfolio Management Offerings

Performance Analytics

Anticipate trends and prioritize resources to maximize automation and drive data-driven customer service.

Scenario Planning

Align your portfolio management with business strategy by running multiple scenarios.

Strategic Planning

Whether hybrid, waterfall, or agile development, create roadmaps to align strategy with business management.

Demand Management

Centralize demand management and streamline investments for new products and services to meet strategic goals.

Project portfolio management (PPM)

Manage your entire project lifecycle with project portfolio management (PPM) across technology platforms and business portfolios.

Resource Management

Oversee availability and allocate resources efficiently for greater agility and improved business management.

Innovation Management

Strategic planning is much easier with a central platform for gathering and managing ideas and strategic initiatives across departments or from employees.

Scaled Agile Framework

Align strategic investments and agile development for managing work to deliver business goals.

Our ServiceNow SPM (formerly ITBM) Implementation Process

Four simple steps to make Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) part of your enterprise ecosystem:

Identify Applications Under Management

  • Identify applications in scope.
  • Establish IT and Business Owners for each application.
  • Categorize applications.
  • Define application lifecycle.
  • Exit / Success Criteria: Single System of record for all applications

Basic Rationalization

  • Define and implement application scoring profiles.
  • Collect and analyze application data.
  • Perform category-based optimization.
  • Perform coarse data optimization.

Advanced Rationalization

  • Streamline/Automate metadata collection for applications (Discovery)
  • Perform rationalization based on multiple business and technology objectives.
  • Align Business and IT goals for rationalization.

On-going Support Services

  • Review and use AI-based recommendations for Strategic portfolio management.
  • Integrate Demand processes with SPM.
  • Update criteria for rationalization periodically.

Why Royal Cyber for ServiceNow SPM?

  • 10+ years of implementing ServiceNow/Now Platform specialty solutions.
  • Implement lessons learned from similar ServiceNow SPM engagements.
  • Implement best practices for Data Certification.
  • Define and set up the Application Maintenance cycle.
  • Recommend and re-use templates for ServiceNow SPM setup.
  • Leverage CSDM (Common Service Data Model) Plugins.
  • Implementation of the App Retirement process.

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