IBM DataPower for Expanding the Scope of IT Assets

A purpose-built security and integration gateway that addresses the business needs for mobile, API, web, SOA, B2B, and cloud workloads. It is designed to provide a consistent configuration-based approach to security, governance, integration and routing.

DataPower Gateway Capabilities

Integrating any message transformation, securely connect applications and services
Manage and control,
traffic and SLAs
Secure SOA, Web, B2B, API, mobile and cloud workloads
Simplify and Consolidate the infrastructure
Optimize data distribution and user experiences
Dynamic Routing

Connect Your Digital World to a Range Of Workloads

Data Power Services

  • DataPower appliance Setup, Administration
  • XSLT Implementation & Transformation for faster processing
  • XML Threat protection, Cryptography & Firewall services for security
  • B2B Gateway Service
  • Web Services virtualization
  • Deployment Automation
  • Securing connecting using SSL
  • Implementing Authentication, Authorization & Auditing
  • Integration with MQ, WMB/IBM Integration Bus, API Connect, WSRR
  • Comprehensive Customer Support
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Performance Tuning

DataPower for a successful future

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The blend of our expertise implementation & IT experience and industry-leading technology can help secure, integrate and improve access to mobile, web, and API workloads.
The best SOA appliance is the one that supports your business aspirations become reality.

Standardize Security Policies and Eradicate Silos of Security

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