Application Integration & Security Using IBM DataPower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway is considered the most secure DMZ-ready gateway. It offers security, integration and optimized access to a full range of web, API, mobile, SOA, cloud, mobile, and B2B workloads. It allows companies to extend valuable IT assets to new channels and use cases, reaching customers, partners, and employees.

It provides a wide range of application security, integration, B2B integration and governance capabilities using an easy-to-deploy gateway appliance, helping to simplify IT infrastructure while reducing costs.

IBM DataPower Gateway appliance enables businesses to extend their core enterprise applications to customers, partners and suppliers in a controlled and secure manner. It unifies and consolidates B2B trading partner connectivity and transaction management, and allows quicker and more reliable customer and supplier onboarding.

Consequently, organizations reduce costs, increase collaboration, reduce time-to-revenue, and gain faster access to new customers, partners and markets.

Heterogeneous Gateway

  • B2B: Extend integration beyond the enterprise with DMZ-ready B2B edge capabilities

  • Web: Control traffic, simplify web security and speed up delivery for intranet and Internet web applications

  • SOA: Secure, connect and manage SOA workloads in the DMZ and Trusted Zones

  • Cloud: Functionality in a virtual appliance, encourages cloud environments

  • API: Effortlessly control, publish, monitor and manage APIs


The DataPower solution is an accepted leader in XML and SOA security Gateways, leveraged by thousands of companies across industries. The solution offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Minimizing IT costs and TCO with uncomplicated deployment, configuration and maintenance
  • Interfacing with trading partners quickly and at a lower cost
  • Enhancing the use of existing application, security and networking infrastructure assets
  • Unraveling siloed information, helping to extend applications inside and outside the enterprise
  • Better security and governance
  • Empowering faster time-to-revenue and rapid access to new customers and markets
  • Speedily addressing changing needs with backing for a wide variety of modern technologies
  • On-premise or on-cloud: Both physical and virtual deployment possibilities to fit our needs
  • Mobile: Securely and rapidly connect mobile applications with enterprise services

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