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Adobe Target


Adobe Target

Adobe target

Adobe Target

Adobe Target, is an industry-leading tool for running A/B tests as well as targeting different content to different segments. You can fit in Adobe Target with various platforms, experiment, track the conversion, and optimize the website or digital strategy based on the results. In short, this tool delivers the right experience to the right customer.

Service Offerings

Plan, design, and customize tests
Personalize campaigns
Integration with other platforms
Shopping cart tests
Connect tests to company metrics
Build multivariate experiments
Troubleshoot analytics discrepancies
Analyze results and provide strategic recommendations
adobe target benefits

Adobe Target Features

A/B & Multivariate Testing to concurrently determine the best offers, messaging & content.

Self-learning algorithm to automate targeted content to individual customers.
Confidence levels inserted into the reporting tool is a key feature, it allows users to easily understand when results are significant.
Re-engage customers through mobile apps using location based targeting.

Implement flexible test elements and have the option to link multipage tests across web pages and multiple channels.

Adobe Target Features

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