Unified & secure integration for your

complex business processes & diverse

business partner community

What is Sterling B2Bi?

IBM B2B integration solutions addresses the challenges of a diverse B2B community with a complete set of security-rich integration capabilities. These solutions help to systematize multi-enterprise processes with complete visibility.

Issues Sterling B2Bi can resolve

  • Manual paper work
  • Lack of visibility
  • Inefficient partner onboarding
  • Limited internal resources

Capabilities of Sterling B2Bi

  • World class security features
  • Automates the processes with external partners
  • Support for numerous communication standards, protocols, data formats and files
  • Visibility across business processes and IT
  • Application extension and customization tools
  • Leverage the B2B resources
  • Onboarding and enablement solutions

Sterling B2Bi Service List

  • B2B Integration license procurement
  • EDI mapping / testing / implementation
  • Rapid community on-boarding
  • Business process improvement and optimization
  • REMEDI Framework deployment
  • Software planning, installation & configuration
  • Map conversion using X-Link, which converts Gentran Unix Visual Maps to IBM B2B Integrator Maps
  • Gentran Integration Suite to Sterling B2B Integrator upgrade
  • Royal Cyber proprietary B2Bi Monitor Pro framework setup
  • Periodic system health check and performance tuning
  • Project audits
  • Training

B2Bi Benefits

  • Protecting the integrity of supply chain with security capabilities.
  • Standardize the onboarding method permitting you to attach with partners a lot more quickly.
  • Offers extensive support of B2B communication protocols.
  • Streamlines business process across enterprises.
  • Increase your income by shortening procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles.
  • Reduce prices related to re-keying and entry errors.

How Royal Cyber?

  • Over the past several years, we have been to be a leader in the B2B, EAI and EDI services and staffing industry and getting a consultation and starting a Sterling Integration project with Royal Cyber’s Sterling Integrators is easy.
  • We treasure our knowledge to help you with the solution and post implementation support.
  • We have delivered to many diverse clients with full implementation support on Sterling Commerce’s IBM Sterling B2B Integrator platform.
  • With over a 12+ years of experience and numerous successful B2B integration projects, Royal Cyber is a reliable partner to IBM and many companies that pull along the IBM Sterling solution suite.

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