Bridge the Gap Between Showroom & Online Purchasing

A one-touch solution that gives shoppers a seamless and interactive experience

The complete m-commerce engagement platform

Businesses today are doing their best to retain customers, but increasing competition and a wide array of choices have led to a noticeable decline in customer loyalty. As a retailer and business owner, you need to build stronger relationships with your customers by creating an exceptional customer experience to engage them, improve brand loyalty and lower business costs. To tap into new revenue growth potential and stay ahead of competition, you must adopt new customer centric practices, including offering a dynamic cross-channel experience to meet customer preferences. Our CyberShop is a revolutionary mobile commerce platform that optimizes your customers’ retail shopping experience and helps them save time, effort and money. The solution extends the way your customers interact and shop with you

CyberShop comes packed with many features that
enable greater engagement.

2D / 3D Augmented Reality

ApplePay / Amazon Pay

iBeacon with Indoor Navigation

Geo/Store Locator

Image Recognition

Push Notification

Empower customers with Royal Cyber‘s unique and
interactive shopping solution

Royal Cyber‘s CyberShop guarantees speed, increased conversion and higher customer satisfaction compared to other solutions. This ensures that your customers can buy more easily and in a seamless manner. CyberShop offers the following benefits for both the retailer and consumer:

Greater Interactivity
For retailers, CyberShop provides:

  • An opportunity to build long-term customer loyalty and increase conversion
  • Ideal data insights to run customized campaigns and provide value-added services easily

For customers, CyberShop provides:

  • An opportunity to build long-term customer loyalty and increase conversion

For retailers, CyberShop provides:

  • Optimized merchandising that helps in reducing overhead and other associated costs

For customers, CyberShop provides:

  • Transparent and intuitive cataloging of products that helps in taking faster purchase decisions

Real Time Analytics
For retailers, CyberShop provides:

  • Real-time analytics that helps in providing a personalized shopping experience to customers

For customers, CyberShop provides:

  • Customers can benefit from personalized, innovative offers and other targeted promotions.

Increased Brand Engagement
For retailers, CyberShop provides:

  • CyberShop inspires confidence in online shoppers, ensures that fewer carts are abandoned, and helps in achieving higher basket values

For customers, CyberShop provides:

  • Customers benefit from having total control of the purchase journey—without too much marketing trinkets—and nurture lasting relationship with the brand

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